Saturday, May 17, 2014

Puppy Mill Start Up Kit

For only $1100, you too can start up your own animal shop of horrors.

 Stainless Steel Professional Kennel System w/ rack - $1100 (Sedalia)

I have a 8 stainless steel kennels with rack and space for storage. Perfect for serious rabbit breeders, shelters, groomers. Sanitary, easy to clean system keeps animals dry while washing away waste and dropped food. Keeps stock healthy and safe.

Solid stainless with heavy duty gate fronts, complete ventilation all the way around; feeder slots with feeders, accessible from the outside so feeding can be done without opening the doors (two feeders are missing, but easily replaceable), feeders are removable for easy cleaning. Each cage can slide out of the rack for transport and has hinged handles on both sides for easy carry. Built in kennel card slots. Additional slot for exterior water bottles for those lacking a way to hook up the automatic water system.

The bottoms are square cut heavy duty NON WIRE stainless grates so waste drop through while still providing firm footing for animals.

Stainless steel rack has wheels with brake stops and an "easy clean system". Levels are slightly sloped (degree of slope can be changed), so with a hose beginning at the top, washes waste from all levels while keeping the animals 100% dry.

Factory water system in the rack provides continued fresh water to all cages, one nipple does need to be replaced.

This is a professional rack and kennel system.
Has been housed indoors.
Very high quality. heavy duty. You won't be disappointed.
Rack is over 5' high, overall length is ~6'. You'll need a truck or trailer to move.
Delivery may be possible depending on location for an additional $75 for fuel costs in the diesel.

[I am local, although my phone number is not - see contact box for contact]


  1. Couldn't you just post a picture of a creepy clown? I think that would have unnerved me less.

  2. This is actually worse than what the rabbits at my college are kept in: at least our rabbits' cages are slightly more open.
    Yup, I could see some ass keeping small dogs in these.

  3. Ouch, that hurt.

    We own one of these, we kept our show rabbits in it. They had plenty of ventilation and the floors were easy on their feet when they weren't resting on their mats. The trays made it easy to clean and disinfect and gave me more time to spend more time working with them to get ready for shows/letting them play in their "turnout area" a fenced grassy area.

    Never in a million years would I have considered putting a dog in it. Never thought of them being cruel either or scarier than clowns (I have a serious clown phobia) at least for the purpose we used them for...

    Feeling like a pretty terrible person now.

  4. I keep my show chickens in a similar set-up (nowhere near as elaborate or expensive) for a couple of weeks before shows. They get used to being handled and I can bathe them and keep them warm while they dry. Not feeling guilty about that.

    When I think of puppy mills, I think of Amish "farmers" with dozens of small wooden pens out behind the barn. Maybe I need to investigate and rethink that.

  5. This is similar to the backyard breeder puppymill setups we see around here. It fits along a garage wall...
    Chickens learning to be handled? IMO that's no different than horses in a box stall.
    But that doesn't creep me out.
    After I posted this the wording on the ad's only advertised as a rabbit hutch now.