Friday, May 30, 2014

Dog Stuff

As you guys know, I think my animals are perfect. I write about them in such glowing terms it's as if they were/are wonder dogs and horses.

To me, they are.

However, there is the reality.

Snocone, who is making huge strides in her awareness of the world around her, has started coming to me when she wants something she feels is my job to handle, usually food or going outside to pee, or to Jim, who is for love, ear scratches and cuddles.

She will come and stand in front of my chair, her front feet tap, tap tapping, licking her toothless chops over and over....until she gets what she wants.

Or stand in front of Jim's couch, doing the same.

Considering, three years ago, she would stagger around until she bumped into a corner and then simply stand and stare at the wall....

She will even whimper if we don't respond fast enough.

The thing is, it doesn't matter if we're actually seated in my chair or his couch. Empty or full, makes no difference to Snocone. Man, she just cracks me up.


  1. Uh Oh Mugs I've either missed the Snocone stories or forgotten. I'm guessing she's blind? That's hilarious that she goes to the chair whether you're there or not. I deal with a deaf bordercollie and it has it's challenges for sure but not as bad as blindness.

  2. flyin' horse...Snocone is crazy....more stories coming...

  3. Snocone may well be crazy, but she has you all trained and how crazy is that?!

  4. This image has had me cracking up all weekend..