Monday, November 14, 2011



I have to be gone for a while.

I'll be back on Dec. 1.

There is a balance missing in my life and I began finding it as of this morning about 4 am.

Please come back on the first. One of my priorities is devoting my time to the Chronicles. I think if I'm going to take on the task of building the best horse blog on the planet my focus should be here.

If that's not where I should be then I want to keep on talking about horses, sharing stories and working through moral conflicts and questions about our equine friends, without a bunch of screaming and yelling from spit spraying, bared fanged, desperately in need of anger management classes, trolls trampling over our thoughts and conversations.

I miss you guys much, and will be back, full force, in a couple of weeks.

I sweat on Mort's ratty tail.....

Swear by it too!