Monday, November 14, 2011



I have to be gone for a while.

I'll be back on Dec. 1.

There is a balance missing in my life and I began finding it as of this morning about 4 am.

Please come back on the first. One of my priorities is devoting my time to the Chronicles. I think if I'm going to take on the task of building the best horse blog on the planet my focus should be here.

If that's not where I should be then I want to keep on talking about horses, sharing stories and working through moral conflicts and questions about our equine friends, without a bunch of screaming and yelling from spit spraying, bared fanged, desperately in need of anger management classes, trolls trampling over our thoughts and conversations.

I miss you guys much, and will be back, full force, in a couple of weeks.

I sweat on Mort's ratty tail.....

Swear by it too!


  1. We'll be waiting while you work things out.... I love the Chronicles, the characters (especially Mort), the stories and the training tips.

    I quit reading the comments on the other blog a long while ago because of the tone - but always look forward to your posts there as well.

  2. Good luck Mugs, we'll be here when you get back I'm sure :)

  3. Good luck! I'm sure I speak for many when I say I miss your stories, and advice. Yours is one of my favorite blogs to read.

  4. deedee sonnyduo@yahoo.comNovember 14, 2011 at 10:53 AM

    Gonna keep missin' yu gal. Take care of yourself and balance your life. WE be back in December glad to hear you rested and at some level of peace in your life.
    Mugwump Chronicles is the best!

  5. 4am? Are you nuts?

    I swear on Mort's ratty tail that I'll probably still be checking in periodically before December 1st, just in case something happens ahead of time and I see a new post before then. That's how addicted you've got me to your stories.

    I know, I know, it probably won't happen, but you can't stop me. It's my browser, and I'll log in if I want to...log in if I want to... log in if I want to.... (I'm singing, in case you can't tell.)

    I've been up since 5 and I think the caffeine is getting to me. I'll stop now.

  6. Enjoy your time off, I'll be looking forward to Dec 1st. While I have enjoyed your postings over there I have missed your stories/postings/training tips here. Take care.

  7. Are you quitting fugly? I didn't think they appreciated you enough. I could tell you didn't write the last two posts--they weren't well written--and that's not you. Good wishes. Hope all smooths out.

  8. I've never commented on a blog before, but I love the Mugwump Chronicles. I enjoy Fugly Blog to some extent, but the Chronicles are something special. You can find screaming matches and overinflated egos anywhere you look on the net, but what you have here is a piece of real civility. Reading this blog is a relaxing and eye-opening experience for me, and I get the sense when reading that it is a labor of love for you.

    I was worried that your introspective and thoughtful approach to horses wouldn't be appreciated over at the Fugly blog. Polemical and polarizing seems to be the opposite of your style, and the fact is that unless you truly relish the spit flinging battle for its own sake, that blog is going to wear down whoever tries to write it (it wears me down just trying to read the comments).

    Please, for the sake of the online horse world, don't change yourself or your style of communication to fit their mould. no matter how much you try to suit that type of person they will never be happy, and trying to please them will just pull you further and further away from yourself. A lot of people are online to pitch a fit, plain and simple, and it seems to me that a fair number over at Fugly are the kind of people that make a savvy horse person turn tail when they check out a barn. Just sayin'.

  9. Be well, Mugs. Thinking of you and sending good vibes!

  10. You get balanced and then get back. This blog develops your author side more than the Fugly one. This is YOUR blog. Happy Turkey/Tofu/whatever week.

  11. Ride, ride, ride, and then, ride some more. Good for balancing the soul. Good juju coming your way.

  12. Mugs, your reply to the other "anon" says it all - you wrote those articles, and people think you didn't. You wrote them, but YOU didn't write them. It shows, your heart wasn't there, not the same way, and your heart is what we love here.

    Keep your heart, and your passion, and know that you are well loved for it. You share an amazing part of you, and we are honoured for that sharing, its a privilege to read and enjoy the stories of your life that you write about here.

    Find your balance, keep your harmony, ride that straight line. Its what life is all about, and we'll be waiting for you!

  13. What Trackside said. Hugs, Mugs. ;)

  14. Mugs is a *teacher* of horses and people. Is is wearing, wanting to help and getting slapped by some for it. The loudest people on Fugly tend to not be learners, just complainers. They do not know what they are not listening to.

    We miss you Mugs! Come back here to where we want to *learn* from you!

  15. My thoughts are with you. I genuinely enjoy what you do here.

    Fugly is a whole different animal, and I enjoy it to the extent I don't read the comments. I did not
    enjoy any of it previously.

    I honestly don't know anyone as vicious as the typical commenter there. Perhaps they're not as bad in person... I certainly nope not.

    Count me among those who are anxious for your return!

  16. I can wait for balance.

    The posts at Fugly are good but most of the comments are either rants or dittos. The occasional good comment isn't worth searching for.

    On the other hand, the posts and comments here always have me thinking. I can only think of two other blogs with as much all around quality.

  17. Oops--sorry mugs. No insult intended. I really thought the last two posts on fugly did not sound like your voice. Hang in there.

  18. I haven't commented a lot since we moved to Georgia 18 months ago. But, I read. And I've missed you. I've come back to read you on the other blog too, only I completely avoid the comments section.

    I'll be all moved to our new (and permanent) farm when you get back. I'll be looking forward to reading and commenting again!

    Hope you're enjoying yourself!

  19. oh yay! I rarely post, maybe twice? But I read every day, and check way too often for new posts.

  20. Ready and waiting =)

    Those people who are interested in learning more about Horse are who you find here.

    The crazy jump-aboards and bandwagonners at Fugly... not worth the time or energy.

  21. Well I hope to see you back soon and in the meantime I have a question. I've begun riding this Paddy's Irish Whiskey daughter. She's a 5 year old that's teaching me a lot more than I'm teaching her. Her spins make me wanna puke they're so fast. When she stops she stops hard. I'm having trouble keeping my butt down and my legs forward. How can I fix this? OK, I have two questions. When we lope our circles she puts her nose almost to the dirt, I'm not sure if she's evading or if this is just the way she's been taught? I try to give her plenty of rein and stay out of her way.

  22. Great equestrian blog! Why not come over and post this for more to follow at Haynet an Equine Social Blogging Network

  23. Mushmaster...are your stirrups too short? Just saw a seminar on roping on RFD tv (don't know the clinician) and he had a roper lower his stirrups; the man then was very deep in his saddle. You may want to try dropping the holes one or two.

    Someone may have taught her to peanut may have to undo that but that's a topic for Mugs :)

    And yes, while I ride dressage, I do watch cowboys! :)


  24. Im a lurker on both blogs, and honestly think you are far more interesting than the original fugly.

    I get bored of the comments on Fugly by about the third angry idiot that is hanging off a simple comment you may have made. You voice what a lot of us think - but the truth is, most people that just enjoy reading your writing, are not the ones that will be commenting. Were not in for the fight, just to read something interesting and walk away thinking about it. Hang in there on both blogs. Your a good writer, and your fan base is much bigger than what you can imagine.

  25. hope you come back soon. Like reading you on fugly, but it's not the same as all the stories from here

  26. deedee sonnyduo@yahoo.comNovember 16, 2011 at 4:42 PM

    Mugwump readers and commenters,
    Between now and Dec (or whenever) I comeback for our comments. Please keep posting, riding notes and questions for mugs to address later. We can enterttain each other between now and mugs.

    My guy finally figured out that upright barrels are for JUMPing over, not stopping at. I am proud as punch. He llooks so lovely using that Quarter horse butt to zoom up and over. Curls those back feet up to his belly!

  27. I started reading you after you started writing Fugly. I have now spent WAY too much time on the computer reading old posts of yours. :)
    I admit to enjoying Fugly and finding the comments wildly entertaining (I know a few of those people and, yes, they are that rabid and judgmental in real life). I have enjoyed your posts there, and will continue to read you wherever you write. I've learned a lot from you!
    Can't wait until you get back!

  28. Yep, I am with Becky on the periodic check ins. Cuz, well, you just never know! Glad you are taking care of yourself and that you checked in. Nice job over at Mugly by the way, I miss you over here, but I see some value in having you over there as well as long as they don't crush your spirit.

    Looking forward to having you back!

    the word verification is misin, lol =)

  29. I'm with Becky on the 4am, are you nuts? I believe most of the readers on Fugly are decent people who care a great deal about horses. I enjoy a good snarky post or comment, but I think some of the commenters don't even read the post before they start bashing.

  30. I have to say that I've never been a fan of has its pros (making people aware of some of the awful, lying, cheating rescues etc.), but I personally can't take the comments or the people who make them...and lately I can't go onto FaceBook without thinking of how wasteful people are being with their lives...they just like to argue...and I'm tired of reading all the blah, blah, blah that goes on and on and on...

    Life's too short.

    Chronicles is a place to come and learn and to read interesting stories, and if you mouth off you get wapped and sent into the corner for a time out...I like that.

    Mugs, you're too good to waste your time over there...

    Patiently waiting for your return.

    Enjoy your time with family...horses included~

  31. Ha! Is it a bit of a minefield over there then? Go ride and let your mind wander.

    From an old reader; still listening, and still reading x

  32. I read both blogs you are currently writing, and read Fugly prior to that. I have often thought that the ill tempered, drool dripping, spit spewing, venhemous tongued vipers, and the indignate grammer police there spend so much time spreading hate, do they actually RIDE?

    Damn, I feel good if I can read a blog or two, and associated comments, a couple of times a week.

    Waiting for more training discussions! I do like the conformation clinics too.......hint...*grins* ....I kinda liked Sully, or Scully (from fugly blog) a gelding. I would welcome him in my barn.

  33. deedee sonnyduo@yahoo.comNovember 23, 2011 at 11:40 AM

    Just want to mention how thankful I am for whoever turned me on th this blog.
    Hearing Janet's and everyone elses horse/life experiences is a joy in my world.
    And I adore Mort and Leland and have high hopes for Tally.

    Happy Holidays to all.

  34. Dear Horses & Turbos:

    Thank you for voicing that out loud and making me feel like less of a fanatic.

    Or at the very least, a fanatic with good company.

  35. Hi Mugs, Just wanted you to know I have been reading you since the beginning and love this blog. I can relate to so much of the Mort stories. You take me to that place in my mind where horses were the safe place in my life as a young girl.

    I've only rarely commented but love to read. As for the fugly blog. I read it the first year or so but then it got out of control and really drifted away from what it was originally.

    Keep on writing here please :)

  36. This is for Becky,

    One day down, 3 more to go.

  37. 3 More Days! 3 More Days!

    Mugs, I've always been a lurker both here and on Fugly blog. I love your writing style and your advice, please don't stop sharing!!! Please never stop the Chronicles.

  38. Redhorse, Turbo..... I was here to do the same thing. T-minus two days. Good heavens, I'm glad I'm not the only one doing this. I feel like a kid at Disneyland. "Three more turns of the roller coaster and then I get to ride! Two more, and then I get to get on....."

    Hobbies. We needs them.

  39. @ Becky, Redhorse, & Turbo,

    So glad Im not the only one.

    Tick tock tick tock..........;)

  40. Hey guys--guess what? Mugs quit fugly.

  41. Mugs, I always thought you'd find the fugly blog unrewarding, but you wrote some good posts.

  42. Just read FHOTD that you are leaving that blog, good for you, you are way too classy to write for the pissers and moaners over there!! Can't wait until you are back up and running here.

  43. I too can't wait for you to return. I found this blog from reading fugly and LOVE your writing style. I've almost read all of the old articles.

  44. she'll be comin round the mountain when she comes....she'll be comin round the mountain when she comes....
    Hark! do I hear distant hoofbeats??????

  45. It's 12/1!.... $#!@ time zone difference... :)

  46. Now I've got "Coming 'Round the Mountain" stuck in my head. ;)

    Hoof beats are getting louder, though.

    *spine-tingling anticipation*

  47. YAY! Just read the FUGLY post....come on back where you belong!

  48. Hey Mugs, going to be great to have you back where you belong.

    I have a friend who has worked a lot with standardbreds. She's a really solid horsewoman, a powerful provocateur and a fantastic photographer. Should you get an email from her regarding a job you are retiring from, I heartily recommend that you pay it close attention.

  49. Glenatron, I know EXACTLY who you're talking about.. I'd LOVE to see her run fugly haha! :)

  50. Uh-oh. I just rearead her post. She didn't SWEAR it on Mort's ratty tail. She SWEAT it on Mort's ratty tail. That's a terrible promise, and very easily broken.

    Dagnabit! Tricked again!