Saturday, July 6, 2013

Clinic's Coming!


                Tim and I are still trying to fill a few more slots for our July 26,27,28 clinic.

Check out the saddles on these cowboys! OK, so these folks are on the moors of England,
you catch my drift.

This is a great chance to work with your horse using the theories and principles you have read about on the Mugwump Chronicles for the last five years.

       We've got cattle to work, and cowhorse to learn, but there's so much more behind it. 

Get along, little dogies.

First of all, find out if Mugs can actually stick a horse! Is Madonna real or a carousel pony off a Kmart dime ride? How short is Odin, really? How many minutes does it take for Mugs to get 
"The Look" from the Big K?

What do I think about when I'm cutting? AHHHHHHHHH!

Problems like jigging, head tossing, pulling through the bit, hauling butt down the road like your pony's tail is on fire, all of these issues are connected and correctable. Mugs will walk you through these, no problem.

Dead heads, unresponsive, dull to the bit and heel -- back to Mugs again -- we'll get your horse tuned in and listening. 

Scared? Let's work on courage. No bullying, just quiet, simple techniques to build up your confidence.

These horses are working cattle. Really. You can see how worried it makes them.

Big K will be there to get you started on cattle. He can get you tracking your first cow or out of the herd. He'll cover the finer points of reined cowhorse. Learn about the dry work and going down the fence. For those who have been there done that, be prepared for some fine tuning. Clean up those spins and changes, get a loooonnnnger slide, snap through those turns down the fence.

Here Kitty, Kitty!

This is going to be a great opportunity, beyond the beautiful scenery, trail ride, Bar-B-Que and goofing. It's a unique chance to improve your horse and yourself, no matter what your personal discipline. Tim (Big K) and Janet (Mugs) spent enough years riding and working together to be able to work off each other's strengths, and through our weaknesses. Come have fun and let us do the same for you.

Come solve the mystery of why there are no pictures of Tim and Janet together!


gtyyup said...

I'm SO excited!!! I guess I should say "we." John's pretty pumped too! Did you read my questions in the comments under the tab "2013 Clinic with Mugs and the Big K?" It's just me and my anal detailed brain ;~) But, it'll help with my planning! Looking forward to a GREAT time!

Heidi the Hick said...

It's because there's only one camera between the two of you and you have to take turns snapping pictures?

Or is it because he doesn't use the Bra-cam?

Cindy D. said...

Obviously I am going to have to stop reading this blog until the clinic is over. Each time I read about what I am missing out on, it makes me want to "HOLD THE MOVE! I'M HEADED TO MT" and use my kids football camp money to pay my way. Surely he will understand that sacrifices must be made.

I really hope that you get enough folks to make this all worth while, so that it happens again next year...cuz 2014...I'm all there baby!

fortheloveofsanity said...

Yes, please please please do this again!!! I can't make it this year, but me and one of my babies will for sure make the trip from Northern Alberta for this next go around.

zebradreams07 said...

Still waiting on a ride!! I have my deposit as soon as you find me one :D

zebradreams07 said...

Still waiting on a ride!! I have my deposit as soon as you find me one :D

mugwump said...

zebradreams..where are you again

mugwump said...

Heidi - use it! He can't even look at it without turning bright red!

zebradreams07 said...

I'm Kari from WA.

summersmom said...

I am dying to come. Really wish I could find someone to hitch a ride with from Oregon.

Chasity said...


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