Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Hi guys,
We're finalizing our head count and deposits for the clinic.
Those of you who are coming, could you please send me an email, (jhuntington@cowhorseart.com) and give me a Whassup? then a name, if you are auditing or riding and if you sent in your deposit to Dawn?
I'm thinking you might like a map...I'll send each of you when you make contact.
I am getting so excited, this is going to be an awfully good time.

Thanks, Mugs


Becky Bean, OR, Summersmom,OR and Zebradreams, WA are all trying to get to Montana.
Are there horse trailer rentals you could share? Or can you beg, borrow or steal a rig? let's do this thing!


Anonymous said...

I keep telling myself not to look at these posts.....I'll get WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too jealous

summersmom said...

We have a truck. Hopefully by tonight we will know whether we have a trailer. Once I find out about that I will send in my deposit. EEEEEEEEE! Some other details to work out but transportation is the most important!

mugwump said...


summersmom said...

Hey mugs, I sent you an email! Did you get it?

mugwump said...

I didn't get it it summersmom, could you try again? Thanks.

summersmom said...

Ok I just tried again. Hopefully you get it!

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