Saturday, May 19, 2012

Big Licks and Old Rope Horses

Writers block is a terrible thing.

As  you may have noticed I'm wrestling with a massive dose of it right now.

Those of you who have read this blog for any length of time will know this isn't the first time it has happened to me, I'm guessing it won't be the last.

I'm not gone, I'm not dropping the blog,I'm way too attached and have learned too much by blogging to stop.

I do have to wait out this dry gulch in my writing, but the rain always comes, so I've learned to be patient. I hope you will be too.

In the mean time, there are thoughts I want to share, and this travesty going on in the Tennessee Walker horse show world is one I can't leave alone.

Snarky Rider/FHOTD has done an excellent job of covering it, so if this subject is new to you, pop over and catch up (, I couldn't have written a better post.

There are two subjects on animal cruelty that send me over the edge. One is puppy mills and the other is training for "The Big Lick." 

This explanation from Wikipedia  of the two categories for TWH classes tells me a lot. "Flat-shod horses are divided into trail, country, light shod, and plantation pleasure divisions. They are judged on way of going, which includes head nod, overstride and front animation. The country and trail pleasure classes have the least animation, the plantation horses the most, with the plantation horses typically wearing a heavier shoe. Flat-shod horses are not allowed to use pads, action devices, or tail braces.

"Performance horses exhibit a very flashy and animated running walk, often referred to as "big lick." They appear to sit back on their hindquarters, lifting their forelegs high off the ground with each step. Horses and riders show in saddle seat attire and tack. Horses are shod in double and triple-nailed pads. These pads, along with lightweight chains around the fetlock, accentuate the gaits, making them more animated."

What this tells me is, many of the classes are designed to showcase the amazing things this breed is capable of, and the rest are designed to showcase the amazing way we humans torture animals for fun and profit.

I'm not going into a tirade about this cruelty. That's being done all over the Internet.

What I am mulling over today is the necessity for crazy advocates. I'm talking the over the top, radical maniacs that come together and make lots of noise about the bad things going on in the world. Today I'm looking at rabble rousing animal activists who have drawn my attention.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS)

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA)

FHOTD during the Cathy Atkinson days (Just Cathy)

I realize Just Cathy is only one person, but she's such a whirling dervish of quivering righteousness, she equals the intensity of, oh, let's say, The Black Panthers. I think she should be named an organization all by herself.

I am not an extremist. I accept many aspects of the horse world many don't. I can sit back and watch a harsh training practice and ask the trainer the why's, how's and results without offering an opinion.

My approach is to learn the reason, decide if it's necessary and then figure out a better way. That would be the Mugwump in me, what can I say.

But there is no reason for The Big Lick. It's crazy and cruel and vile. It's ugly to watch. The horses aren't trained for this, they're forced into this shape and movement by pain. They are taught to accept it through more pain. The pain is so intense at times, they lay down and can't/won't  get up.

I was on a walk one day and came across a group of five or six little kids (must have been a home day care) between the ages of about three to about seven. They had a puppy on it's back, screaming in pain and terror, and were poking it in it's soft pink belly with sticks. The puppy was chained to the ground and bleeding.

Yes, I did the right thing, yelled at kids, knocked on door, told the horrified woman what they were doing, went home and called the Humane Society.

That's not my point. Watching the World Championship Big Lick Class made me feel exactly like I did when I saw the tortured puppy.

It made me feel the same way I did when I met a very pregnant teenage girl living on the street with her 50+-year-old, drunken, very creepy "husband." She was about to have her second child with this guy. Their first was taken by Social Services, she was put in foster care and as soon as she could, she ran away and went back to her man.

What horrified and sickened me was neither the young mother or the man, but the fact this girl was safer with him than in the life she had left behind.

There are things that get me.

The extreme factions get things done. We might not like them, we might even hate them, but they get things done. PETA has earned itself one bad rap. The group is behind some extremely dangerous, almost terrorist behavior. HSUS? Same deal.
A post from states, "The sad reality is HSUS, which defines itself as the “nation’s largest and most effective animal protection organization,” has almost nothing to do with the direct care of animals in the thousands of shelters across the nation. In fact, according to the organization’s own financial records, only one-half of one percent of its almost $100 million budget actually goes to helping hands-on animal shelters.
"So, out of every $200 Americans pledge to this organization, only $1 goes to actually helping the animals that really need it. Where does the rest of the donated money go? Well, for one thing, according to the Center for Consumer Freedom, in 2008 more than $2.5 million went right into this rich animal rights group’s pension plans.
HSUS also uses those donations to advance a radical animal rights agenda through wide-ranging, expensive lobbying and advertising campaigns. Even though you can’t tell from its commercials, one of the group’s underlying goals is to promote veganism."

PETA Vice President for Policy Bruce Friedrich is a long-time animal-rights movement insider, he has said, "These reflections do not, of course, rule out burning meat trucks. And they don’t mean that when the next slaughterhouse or vivisection lab burns down, I will denounce those who carried out the
 burning, or that I will feel anything other than joy in my heart."
 Then there's this little tidbit. "Federal fugitive Daniel Andreas San Diego is alleged to have planted a secondary explosive device, apparently intended to target emergency responders arriving at the scene of a first bomb he allegedly planted at a California company in August 2003. PETA-grantee and convicted arsonist Rodney Coronado has praised San Diego’s handiwork."
I have no intention of getting into an argument about the good, the bad or the ugly about these organizations. I am not, and will never be a member or an advocate for these groups.

BUT!!! It was a HSUS video that caught the attention of CNN and CBS news. Their work brought the Big Lick out of the horse world and to the general population.

Radical behavior draws attention, good or bad, people notice. Think about what Just Cathy has managed to accomplish. In this case, craziness was good. Middle of the roaders like me don't create awareness like this video did.

If the pendulum doesn't swing to the extreme right it can't counter what's happening on the extreme left.

Eventually, the pendulum slows, and with the increased awareness brought about, middle of the road folks can start getting things done. 

Once the big, huge, horrible travesties are tackled, the trickle down effect will bring attention to the smaller, yet still deplorable actions, that are accepted all around us.

There is an old rope horse at my barn. He is past his mid-twenties. This old guy is in obvious, continual pain. He stands with his forefeet and back feet spread like a Morgan halter horse all of the time. He is so crippled he can barely move. Yet his owner still ropes off him, day, after day, after day. the horse accepts his painful life with grace, kindness and dignity. It freaks me out.

One day I asked his owner, "When are you going to retire your good gelding?"

"When he dies. I figure he'd rather work than go to the sale."

So there you are. The horse has no protection. He has no help. He will work, in pain, until he falls over dead.

The trickle down can't drip on his poor head fast enough, but maybe, eventually, it will become socially unacceptable to treat a horse this way. Once The Big Lick is gone. Once the puppy mills are illegal. Once HSUS and Peta have made their point.

Would I like the pendulum to swing under somebody else's flag? You bet I would. I've been thinking about a better way to draw attention to atrocities like these, about the extreme failings of humanity when it comes to the animals in our care.

Today I came up with this one. What if there was a documentary made about Big Lick trainers, owners, and the shows that promote it? One good enough to hit major theaters? It's got all the nasty rich people, horror, politics and drama needed to make the big time.

I decided to write documentary/activist extraordinaire Michael Moore.

His website states he prefers real mail, as in an actual letter, over email. So I wrote him one and am including a copy of this post.

Maybe a fictionalized movie version would work better, with a clear statement that this is a real situation, going on today. A story of a young, beautiful, champion bred foal and the little girl who raised and loved him.

Then turned him over to a Big Lick trainer to become a World Champion...and brought her family and friends to watch him win at the shows...and never looked at him laying in the his tiny, dark stall, beaten, burned and destroyed...and ate fried baby while they discussed which horse lifted his tortured feet the highest and held his broken tail the straightest.  

Guess I'll write Robert Redford too, I mean, look what he did for Horse Whisperers.

Write Michael Moore at his own production company:

Dog Eat Dog Films, Inc.
430 West 14th Street
Suite 401
New York , NY 10011

Write Robert Redford Sundance Productions:

Sundance Channel
10880 Wilshire Boulevard
Suite 1500
Los Angeles, CA 90024


  1. You may have a typo: "and ate fried baby"!? O.O

  2. I think your movie idea is brilliant. Just reading about it made me want to cry. I had a different reaction while watching the HSUS film, though, one that surprised me. I believe in anger management, non violence, and working things out peacefully. But when I saw that trainer beating the poor horse who was hurt too bad to get up, and making those horrible sounds (I didn't know horses could sound like that. I wish I didn't know) I felt deep rage. I had the strongest urge to grab the cattle prod out of his hand and beat him with it until he was more pitiful than that horse. Then lock him up for the rest of his life.
    I'll be sending out a lot of mail on this one.

  3. If this is writer's block, Mugs, I look forward to your next installment of inspired work!

    Big lick has been around for so long, it will take something powerful to undermine it--there ARE folks in the Walker world fighting against it, but it's a slow struggle that would take forever to infiltrate the "big time." Rabble rousing has its place, when such cruelty just keeps happening, in spite of the industry's "self-policing (HA!).

    [PKP--I wondered about the noises on the tape, but listening to it a couple of times, I decided--maybe for my own sanity--that it's a dog off camera who is whining/yelping to get in on the beating.]

  4. As for the old rope horse--How SAD!

    I think it's part of the "horse-as-tool" mentality of an older generation/mind set of rider, as opposed to the "horse-as-pet/family member." I suppose that could be part of the problem with money-focused show/race/performance owners and trainers: the horse is seen as simply a means to an end (fame and fortune) and is dispensable if not successful.

    Any chance this particular old guy could be rescued from this jerk?

  5. No typo.Anybody who can treat a horse like that MUST eat fried baby, right?

  6. Evensong - Nope. It's too good a horse.

  7. I think the 'big lick' has gone on far too long...I watched an interesting video last night about "Champagne Watchout" they showed him in 1999, in the 5yo stud class against the other big lick horses but he was flat shod, and traveled naturally. He looked so happy and like something I would love to ride, and made everything else look like crap.

  8. I agree with you about Cathy. I tried to watch the video on the TWH abuse, but couldn't, I seriously get sick to my stomach. Wish I could buy that old rope horse.

    Good luck getting any help from Michael Moore. I knew him when he lived in Michigan, I live in his old neighborhood (which isn't Flint by the way--he lies about that), around here, people remember him as the type of kid who would torture the puppy. He'd rather eat a horse than try to help one, especially a show horse.

  9. I posted on Facebook today about a little victory I had with my Pekin duck. She had an enormous cheatgrass seed in her eye, and I managed (on my own, yet) to get it out with nothing other than my skill in calming her down and my trusty Swiss Army knife tweezers.

    I had a couple of friends immediately make comments about killing and eating the duck would have been easier and tastier. Ha ha ha. Because, you know, showing any sign of empathy or kindness to an animal MUST mean you're a screwy vegan tree-hugging environmentalist.

    I think many people are deeply conflicted about the way we treat animals. I don't think it's all about the money or the "use" we get out of horses, either--I think it's pure denial. A lot easier to deny the shame and guilt that comes along with mistreating an old rope horse than it is to lose sleep over it.

    I have a gaited Walker mare, and the horses with the so-called "flashy animated walk" don't even look like the same animal. It should be a flat-out felony. Unfortunately, you are right--it's going to take a bunch of noise to get the change made.

  10. redhorse - If a project like this could make him money and bring him attention then he might be interested.
    I'm only interested in the name and what he could do to fan the fires of public outrage.

  11. This from the post sums up how I feel about the TWH classes: "...many of the classes are designed to showcase the amazing things this breed is capable of, and the rest are designed to showcase the amazing way we humans torture animals for fun and profit."

  12. My mom pointed out to me the need for extremists to show people how bad it can get. She was talking about the grand wizard of the KKK, who was running for state office and lived in the town where I went to high school, but the idea's the same.

    The far end of the animal rights scale as represented by HSUS and PETA makes me itch, but they have their place. And, HSUS at least, has some people convinced they are a gov't organization.

  13. I've had the good fortune to ride a true old-style TWH on trails. She's never been anything but a trail horse, and she loves her job.

    She doesn't like fireroads much, gets a bit dull on them unless you let her out in a fast walk, but go off the roads into twisty mountain trails and she perks up. In the tight or tricky places she's oh so careful about her feet and her rider, and if the trail opens up a little she gathers herself up and steps out beautifully in a lovely comfortable flat walk. Her owner has said many times that he would trust that mare with his life, she's such a good, sensible, trail horse.

    She was my first TWH experience...then her owner told me about big lick and pointed me to the 1999 Champagne Watchout video. "Horrified" is a good summation of how I felt.

  14. There's nothing wrong with "horse as tool", the question is how you treat your tools. Plenty of ranch horses get put out to pasture for their last years, maybe pack little kids around now and then. I would hope that horses who's owners don't have that kind of land or can't afford to retire them somewhere, get put down humanely.

  15. I watched part of the video that FHOTD posted and was waiting to go back and finish it. I can't describe the sadness I felt that people could be so cruel to those horses....then I remembered there are evil, cruel people that do worse to other people. I am not a fanatic and won't make big changes in the world, but I do promote kindness in my circle of influence and try to expand that circle. I can help write letters.

  16. PKR and Evensong - I, too, couldn't figure out those awful noises. When I went to YouTube and found the complete HSUS video, you can tell that, yes, it IS a dog yapping. You can also hear the groom swearing out the horse as he whacks on her. The complete HSUS video is MUCH harder to watch, as it is unedited. CNN could only show so many minutes of footage, I imagine.

    Also, Champagne Watchout has a Facebook page and posted (yesterday or today) that the mare down in her stall, Sweet N Loco, has been pulled from the barn and is the hands of someone caring for her and helping her heal.

  17. mugs, i always love your blog.

    Everytime i hear about TWH i cringe, and then thank god the breed doesnt even exhist in my country, so we dont have to deal with these attrocities.

    I like your veiw on extremists, you need them on both ends of the scale to create a happy medium in the world unfortunate as that may sound. Think of animal rights groups that promote veganism, well they made the world aware of battery hens, pig pens and factory farming, and i dont know about america but i know in a lot of other countries it has forced these industires to change there practices to more humane ways. However if we went to follow the extreme animnal right groups what would happen? cows, sheep, pigs and chickens would soon be featured on the endangered animals list, as the animal rights people would have done them out of a job, dont eat meat or use animal products why would anyone farm these animals.

    I have volunteered with animals in third world countries, and i learned this. The extremists scream loudist and make people aware of problems, as well as alienating huge numbers of people, blocking a lot of positive change from occuring. Its the people in the middle like us, who go on and do the un glamourous work of fixing the problems and creating the small steps that lead to a happy middle being reached...

  18. I've just dropped the following comment on the Facebook pages of Rob Thomas from Matchbox 20 (horse lover), Martha Stewart (horse lover), Ellen Degeneres (animal lover), Oprah (animal lover) and Michael Moore (professional agitator) - maybe they'll step up?

    I know you have a lot on your plate, but, as a fellow horse lover I thought you might like to have a look at this (if you've not already seen it). The video is GRAPHIC and shows the soring of Tennessee Walking Horses. Maybe you could lend your support to help this torture of innocent animals to stop? Thanks for your time.

  19. Great post, Mugs.

    The video of Champagne Watchout was amazing in the fact he never looked tired, had effortless transistions, and could have kept on going, going, going.

    The other horse/rider combos had to stop and try to regroup before switching into another gait....not Chamagne and his 15 her old handler.....who rode beautifully, by the way, not all hunch over like she was having abdominal pains like the riders.

    At times during the video I thought the other horses front legs were going to snap, especially at the "canter" or whatever the hell that gait was.....

    It wasn't to long ago (back when I was a kid anyway) when people looked the other way when a child was being abused. Now more people report it. Hopefully society will change in regards to animal abuse.

    The one problem in trying to change ALL the horrors in the horse world is: Humans+Winning+Greed=cripple, beaten, starved horses.

    How do we take the greed out of humans?

  20. scsarah - I don't know if you guys have noticed, but I'm kind of a bottom line person.
    I don't get caught up in "How do we stop people from being greedy?"
    I accept greed, need for recognition and so forth.That's people. Which is why we need laws, so we can be forced to behave.
    Where I get stuck is why is this legal?

  21. The ironic thing is that soring is a federal crime. The Horse Protection Act was written specifically to eliminate the practice. The USDA sends out inspectors to as many shows as their small budget allows. When word gets out that USDA inspectors are coming, trainers won't even show up - just the ones who think they can beat the system, do. If a trainer is suspended because of an HPA violation, they are only barred from breed shows, and generally get fined - nothing stops them from showing at fairs or county shows or the multitude of "benefit walking horse classics". (You wanna see show organizers and exhibitors freak out - get in touch with USDA about a suspected soring issue at your local TWH show...)

    So, the TWH industry and the government have known for years that soring is a huge problem - even though you talk to any trainer in Shelbyville, TN, and they say it is "not a common problem."

    I know farriers who have pulled pads off horses when owners realize they don't want to be in "that world". They talk about the horrible smell from severe thrush. I know 2 very good horsemen who started out training TWH's - and swapped to stock horses when they were pressured to conform to the "sore to win" mentality. I'm quoting one of them with "They do absolutely Medieval shit to those horses."

    Even the padded horses that aren't sored suffer permanent damage to their legs - they are often put on "stacks" as young as 17 months old, causing pastern joints to fuse at an out-turned angle and so much pressure on stifle and hock joints that many become arthritic before age 10.

    The entire idea of the "Performance" padded classes are so far removed from the origins of the TWH breed, they should be eliminated altogether. But it is like everything, fame, and greed is right.

  22. Me again (anonymous comment 22)....Soring is also possible in flat-shod horses, though not as common. An easy way to get a flat-shod horse to step higher is to trim him short, run him on pavement for awhile, then shoe him (basically, road founder prior to every show). Your run of the mill local show "DQP" (inspector) won't look/examine closely enough to notice.

    Outside of the soring, you also see TWH's trimmed or shod similarly to park-style Arabians or Saddlebreds - extremely long toes. "Gaited horse farriers" do this on purpose to amplify the gait without weights or pads. The truth is, a naturally gaited walking horse gaits correctly and comfortably with a plain old trim with a rolled toe - or normal shoes.

    And finally...those "big time breeders" who are breeding specifically looking for their next Big Lick champ...are breeding pacey horses. The "package" (stacks) works best on a pacey horse, evidently. So, they don't even care if this horse that was originally bred for its nice easy gait, gaits at all. They can fix it with their torture devices.

    One "answer" - long term fix - in addition to pulling sponsorships and refusing to attend shows with big lick classes and attempting to educate the general public about soring --- is for anyone looking to get into walking horses to purchase from a breeder who prides themselves on naturally gaited, heritage-type TWH's. In other words, make that "WGC" mean less and the natural gait mean more.

    And yes, I live in Tennessee, and yes, I have ridden my share of TWH's - including one that is now unrideable at age 13 because he was padded and sored; his stifles are ruined and he is hell to trim (wonder why?!?) - one that has some leftover emotional and physical issues from being on pads (unknown whether she was sored but definitely was abused in other ways and she is so naturally gaited, barefoot, you just want to cry knowing what someone did to her), and one whose legs are so scarred he can't be shown in breed shows anymore but at least has a little girl who adores him and enjoys trail riding him.

    The important thing is that most TWH owners who just bought their horses to enjoy trail riding - don't do any of this crap to their horses. It is like 2 separate worlds...the big time show world with their fancy barns, and the backyard owners who buy the "low end" (often unregistered but purebred, not trained by "walking horse trainers") trail horses...and neither pays any attention to the other's business.

  23. I am new to this blog and am enjoying reading here. I have always loved horses but other than a few years working in barns feeding and cleaning I don't know a whole lot. And I guess some with more knowledge may feel I shouldn't even post but I really am just looking for an honest answer in reference to the Walking Horses and other abuses of animals. Why do the people who DO NOT believe in abuse of horses or other animals step up and report these kinds of people? Or do something to stop it? I just don't get that. I am not a "tree hugger" type person, I don't feel people need to give up having pets, give up eating meat etc. but I know I sure could never stand by and watch an animal being abused and just go on with my day. Surely the people in any horse industry know who the abusive trainers/owners are,why do others not step up and try to at least stop what they see first hand, report what they know? Heck, with cameras on everybodies phones these days picture proof is much easier to get. I would also think if enough reports are made against a trainer/owner/barn that somebody would investigate.
    Another question I have is, do harsh methods (painful, fearful) really have to be used to train an animal or can it be done more humanely but people just don't want to invest the time required to do it that way. Again, not trying to be a smart "you know what" I really would like honest answers.

  24. In response to Susan67, I have also wondered the same thing. There now seem to be a whole lot of TWH people speaking up and saying "But it wasn't me!", yet they were people who exhibited at the Celebration - when they KNEW that there were horses there that were being tortured to perform. They knew and they didn't pull out, and they didn't speak up.

    If I were shopping for a barn and I saw tortured horses being boarded there, I wouldn't leave my horse there. If I knew there were kids down my street being abused, I'd go straight to the authorities. If I found out there was a puppy mill in the next farm over, I'd be at the police so fast I'd leave a smoke trail behind me.

    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing".

  25. Mugs - I think when people accept the darker side of human nature.....greed, power, lust, etc. that just compounds the problem and makes people turn a blind eye by saying, "well, that's human nature", or "boys will be boys", blah, blah, blah.

    I think this 'turning a blind eye' is the problem of the horse show world. "I didn't see anything or hear anything"; therefore, it didn't happen.

    I also believe society can not legislate kindness, morals, humanity, ethics.....but you sure can hurt them where it will hurt the the pocket....hit it hard and hit it deeeeeeeeeeeeep....owners and trainers.

    Public awarness needs to be amped up as well. I think most non-horsey people think the way a TWH goes in the Big Lick is normal. Just listen to those crowds when the horses come into the arena...Good GAWD they are cheering, stomping, clapping, whistling. The more crippled the horse looks/goes the louder the audience becomes. We need to continue to educate, educate, and educate some more.

  26. My Dixie was a Big Lick horse. She was flatshod (off the pads) by the time I got her, but she still assumed every interaction with humans was going to hurt her. It took years to get her head screwed on right again.

    I just don't know if the BL will ever go away. I mean, shit, there's still unironic Confederate supporters all over the South. I am glad there's all kinds of people to fight the good fight, but I can't do it. I have no interest at all in judged sports, or even timed sports where money's involved. I have seen the absolute shittiest poking-the-puppy behavior that winning brings out in people, and I want no part of it. :(

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