Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday Talkies

Sorry....I spent the day in the airport yesterday...

This story comes from a new reader we lured from FHOTD, I'm glad she's willing to share, and she knows the coolest color of all for a horse.

ChessyI was nervous on the way to the stables.  I had never even seen a picture of her, but I knew that no matter what she looked like, or how she acted, I had to be the picture of appreciation when we met.  If I showed anything less than love at first sight, I would hear about it.   We already had a barn full- two ponies I’d outgrown years ago, the old reliable broodmare that did western pleasure in her sleep, and her too hot son my big sister had used for eventing.  My parents had been offered a free horse, she just needed training.  My dad can’t pass up a deal, so here we were, on our way to a training facility the mare had been at for the last month, and I was mustering every bit of grace and appreciation a 12 year old can scrape from her soul for a horse she didn’t ask for. The California summer sun shined down on the golden grassy hills surrounding a great, sprawling collection of barns, paddocks and arenas.  Horses milled about in most enclosures, some seeking the shade of shelters, others relaxing in the sun.  It was early summer, warm without the shimmering heat waves that were soon to follow.   It wasn’t very apparent where we could find the trainer that would introduce us to the new member of the family.  As my parents asked about, I wandered my way down the shed row towards some paddocks.  All I knew was she was red.  There were a lot of red horses.  Some were curious, most weren’t.  A few nickered low, saying hello, asking for treats.  I kept my hands in my pockets, running my gaze over all of them, not looking at any.  I just knew I would fall in love with the wrong one.  I just knew if I let myself, I would connect with the one horse that could never be mine.  In the paddocks, amongst horses lazily swishing flies, or slowly lipping the dust for morsels, one red horse stood still, ears forward, staring right at me.  My heart beat faster; my fingers tingled in my pockets.  I knew I should wait for the adults, but they seemed firmly ensconced with each other, talking adult talk, moving in adult time.  So, I followed my heart and went to the red horse.   Dainty head up, shapely ears forward, she watched me make my way to her. She had a perfect quarter horse build to my untrained eye.  But, that wasn’t the important part.  The important part was her deep red coat, accented by flaxen mane and tail. I had grown up with appaloosas, so her simple color was pure elegance to me.  She was what I daydreamed of, what I sketched in the margins of my homework.  When I came to the front of her paddock, she gave a saucy little toss of her head, stepped up to the pipe panels and lowered her nose to my face.  There was a spark in her eye and a perfect diamond shaped star on her forehead. She softly blew snot on me, and I fell in love.     I put my hand on the side of her face and gently blew back at her. She took my breath in with deep wuffs.  The gravel crunched unevenly behind me and I knew my parents and the trainer had finally caught up to me.   I stepped back and took a deep breath, trying to be grown up, trying again to find grace and appreciation for a horse I didn’t ask for. “Well,” the trainer said.“Looks like you found her.”


  1. Love the story, very sweet. Thanks for sharing! I'd like to know how things went after the initial meet-and-greet :)

  2. aww... I want chapter 2 too.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Chapter TWO. Chapter TWO. Chapter TWO. Chapter TWO!

    Also, photos. :)

  5. A magical memory!! Yes, Chapter Two is in order.

  6. Wow, thanks for the encouragement, everyone!
    I'll see what I can do about another chapter. I think I have a blog collecting dust around here somewhere...maybe it's time to find the password (or reset it, as usual!).


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