Sunday, February 22, 2009

This is Mugwump's daughter speaking...

Hi. This is Janet's daughter.
I wanna put my name down.. but she won't let me. whatev.
I just thought that you guys might be interested in what I have to say about all of what's happened to my mom in the past ten months.
First off. I'm super proud.
I love the fact that so many people look up and respect her.. although her fellow trainers always knew that my mom was a baller.. i dont think they ever realized to what extent. if you're wondering what baller means: it is the act of being fly. and fly... well it simply means cool.
Secondly. I find it great that people love my mom so much that they often think about her and her advice while they are riding and/or training. It's funny because my mom gets uber flattered.. and seeing my mom flattered is just fun.
This blog has overall brought my mom the spotlight that she has deserved for so long, but because of the ridiculous way that the cowhorse/journalist worlds work, she never earned.
All in all, I am very thankful for the mugwump chronicles and all of her devoted fans. You guys have shown my mom just how great/cool/baller/sweet/awesome/amazing/legit she really is.

so thanks for the ever-growing support.
its much appreciated.
and please excuse me for my lack of capitalization and punctuation marks. although i maybe an aspiring english teacher. ive let facebook and myspace affect my typing skills a bit too much.

-mugwump junior.

She's an odd little duckling, my kid. I added the photo for sweet revenge. My daughter is eleven in this shot, she's on Annie the antique. I'm on Loki, a four-year-old, who was on her way into the arena for her first cowhorse run. The sick look on my face is as close to a smile as I can muster on show day.
My daughter is almost 18 now. She's grown into a nice person, an excellent horseman and an all around good kid.
I'll tell you about that show today or tomorrow, depending on my time at the paper.
This was taken Annie's one and only AQHA show with my daughter.


  1. Hi Junior! I would be crying if my daughter said such wonderful things about me so publicly. Many, many of us look up to your mom and admire what she's done. As you know, she says great things about you as well.

  2. What a nice thing to write :)

    I like your mom. She makes me think. She makes a lot of people think, actually, so she's doing a good thing out here.

  3. Hi Junior!

    Your mom is wonderful, sensible and you're lucky to have a mom like her. Sounds like she's done a fantastic job with you!

    Now can you whisper in her ear that we'd really like to know what happened to Sonita?

  4. Thanks for your message Jr. That was way too cool. Obviously, not only is your mother an amazing writer as well as "great/cool/baller/sweet/awesome/amazing/legit", she is quite the excellent mama too.

  5. Hey Mugs Jr.! Nice of you to pop in and chat with us. We like your mom too =) She provides regular food for thought in one of our favorite subjects.

  6. It's wonderful that you support your mother in what she does/did/is going to do. I am assuming she does the same for you. It's not often a trainer can write what they do on horseback and make both make sense.

    Ride on cowgirl!

  7. Hey Jr! I think you're as cool as your mom!

    I think the best thing a mother can do for her daughter is show by her own example to live life with meaning. It's not easy but look at her go!

    You're so wonderful for cheering her on like that.

    (Does facebook make the shift button stop working?? Or am I just old? Oh you crazy younguns.)

  8. Very cool to hear from you! I am sure your post means more to your mom than all of our posts. I am glad she is so happy to hear from us and she earns our respect so of course she gets asked a lot of questions!

  9. Junior...if my child feels about me the way you feel about your mom, I can die one happy woman. It's not too often we get to hear from the families of the "famous"! I think it's awesome that you think your mom is as cool as we think she is. She's one heck of a writer, and I for one am completely addicted to her blog...

  10. Hi mini Mugwump!
    Never posted here before but seeing as it is a Mugwump appreciation day, I will post my 2cents :)
    I'm all the way in sunny South Africa and read your mom's blog every day. I even read all the archives too. I am in the process of training my 3 year old mare and we had a breakthrough the other day (going forward was a bit of a sticking point) because of what I have read here. If your mom was over here, she is who I would send my baby to.

  11. WOW. How cool is that!
    I believe that taking the step and change what you work with when you are well into you working life takes courage. I don’t believe that was an easy decision.
    Now I understand she had someone around that made that decision easier.
    What a wonderful post, Muglette! We knew from before that your mother is a special woman. Now we know that she has a special daughter as well.

  12. You should be proud! She has touched the lives of many people...and their horses. And she's modest about it, too. I'd be proud of you, too, if I was her...for stepping up and writing what you wrote. You can tell the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree!


  13. You done good, kid. Nice post.

  14. Ahahaha She called mugwump a baller. That's not an adjective I thought I'd read someone write about mugs but I love it. :)

    Super sweet! Great kid there mugs.

  15. Hey Mug Jr. - Yes, Your Mom is Uber Awesome! You are one lucky young lady.

  16. I bet you make your mother just as proud of you as well.

  17. You are a great daughter to write all that. We all definitely look up to your mom and her advice has helped many a bloggers I'm sure. I know for sure me!!!

    I think some of us would LOVE it if we could fly her to us to personally help with our horses :))

  18. Hi Mug Jr:
    I think you have made Mugwump all warm and fuzzy inside. It is wonderful that she has your support. And you know what? It sounds like you are growing into writing as well.
    Your mother has taken the time to write about bits and pieces that sometimes flit through our own minds, but that don't get captured and turmed over enough to make any positive sense. I can read her pieces and find myself nodding, "yes, yes" and suddenly grasping the import of something that had flown into my left brain and out through the right.
    Thank You, Mugwump Jr

  19. Hey junior!

    That was great of you to say, I'm sure you mom is going to read this through more then we'll ever know!

    Alright fellow mugwump readers: At some point, someone compared riding to a mosaic, and the line stuck with me. Now it's absolutely driving me nuts because I can't find wherever it was said. Any ideas as to where it is?

  20. What a wonderful tribute to your Ma! Sounds like you guys have a lot of fun together and that sure is important in this wiggly world.

    Cheers - Shan

  21. Hey M Jr. I'm glad you made a guest appearance, and I'm glad you like your mom as much as we do! She sure has helped me a lot, both by directly answering questions and by just posting information that I can use for my horse!
    Congrats on having such a cool mom!

  22. Mugs Junior, you're a hoot! You should make guest appearnaces more often! We all appreciate your mom's advice and candor and amazing stories, she has really enriched all of our lives. Also, I'm sure she is as proud of you as you are of her!

  23. Hey Jr, can you talk to my 14 year old daughter and tell her its OKAY to show appreciation for your mom? She is embarrassed by me, I cant understand why??? lol

  24. Mugs - when you have a moment,will you e-mail me privately?

  25. Mugs Daughter, as a fellow 18 y/o, awesome post for parents.

    Btw to all: was I the only one who did not need the baller def?

  26. I'm 32 and I know what a baller is. I also know what fly means and Janet is absolutely fly.

  27. Hi, Janet's daughter, who shall remain nameless. I enjoyed your post, though I didn't know what baller or fly meant until you told us. Must be an age thing. I'm too old to know the teennage slang and my own little boy is only eight, too young to teach me. But I agree that your mom is cool--took me awhile to realize that she doesn't assume this. So, hey, how great that her devoted blog readership, and most of all, her daughter, are letting her know.

  28. I'm 30 and didn't know what baller meant - I thought it meant she was a crier, *shrug*. Where does that come from anyway?

  29. Anon: I really don't know, someone somewhere thinks these things up and it's simply required that teenagers 'know' it, otherwise you will be perpetually confused... However I could live w/o my now bad habit of occasionally saying 'like' unnecesarily...

    Forgot to mention that I too think mugs is awesome. I think my drastic switch from desperately wanting to get back into huntseat to starting to really want to work cows and ride reiners can easily be attributed to mugs... plus my refreshed interest in bosals... though I do still miss jumping alot... but yes, mugs is amazing, she really needs to post more Sonita stories :)

  30. Hiiii. This is mugs daughter once again.
    I just wanted to make a few remarks about the comments i received.
    a.) yes i will be making more appearances even if my mama doesnt want me to.. "excuse me? thats my blog thank you very much." so maybe i should just make my own.. hmm..
    b.) baller is a term that came from basketball players.. idk why. dont ask. but you can also use it in the phrase "baller status" and/or "baller shock coller". yah. im serious.
    c.) i love my mom and of course im going to be able to say so. 14 year olds.. are just ridiculous. i remember the days and im surprised my mom didnt resort to either chaining me in my room, sending me away or just straight up murder. lol. so don't worry.. that unappreciation does fade. i promise.
    d.) im glad you dont hate my writing.. because as i said. im an aspiring high school english teacher. :)
    e.) and yes... facebook does require you to stop using caps and commas. its just uncool for whateva reason.
    f.) all in all. it makes me proud to see how many people look up to her. i just loooove the support shes gotten. so once again. thanka. :D

    "ok ok.. now quit. its getting embarrassing." -mugs

  31. I'm just close enough in age eras that I didn't have to have the definitions--lol, a mini woo-hoo moment for me today. I was reminded on several occasions today that I'm no longer as young as I once was. Anywho, Muglette, I forgive the lack of capitalization/punctuation, really- I do. I was lucky, myspace and facebook didn't exist when I was in high school, lol, so at the most my only habits came from text messaging. Your mom is an amazing gal, and it shows through your writing as well. I would love to read a blog from Muglette, lol, if nothing else just to get some insight into some of your mom's stories, to hear them from the other side of the fence so to speak....

  32. Esquared - I didn't need the baller definition. I'm 'only' 26 though.

  33. Hey little Mugs, loved your post! I hope my daughter feels that way about me when she's your age. I knew what "fly" meant, but have never come across "baller before".

    Anonymous, yeah, another Saffa. Do you read horsejunction as well?

    Saffa = South African :)

  34. I'm late to the party, but wanted to add that I can only hope my daughter turns out as nice and appreciative of her mom as Mugwump, Jr.

    Junior, you give me hope that raising my daughter with horses is a good parenting decision on my part. Thanks for your greetings and message.

  35. Lovely words from your girl. For the record I myself look up to your sage advice and even noted it in my own first blog on here. So many of the little folks get passed by because of money, and what is sad is that people like you deserve it more then many of the big names. You go girl!