Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Day

We had blue sky, lots of sun and a little breeze. Met some nice folks, I haven't shown with the PHBA before. The shows are smaller, much less pressure, WAY less money, and a lot friendlier.
My yellow horse won, and the wacko Shining Spark was second. :) Of course this means we head back into AQHA and NRCHA. Sigh.


  1. Congrats on a successful show! :)
    Glad to hear you had nice weather, we had rain. Not that I'm complaining, the farmers here REALLY needed it.

  2. Yes, congrats one the successful show outing!!!

    Just mowed and weeded here. Horse time IS coming...SOON.

  3. I want to try the PHBA circuit, if I don't wind up selling my palomino before he's riding age.

    I like him but...I really need a truck. Decisions, decisions...

  4. Congrats! Glad to hear you had a good day all around. :)

  5. Trucks are good.Too many horses, not so much. Of course, because of you Fugs, I'm not selling my yearling. Nor anything else. I'm not breeding either.
    So I'll need my truck to live in while I'm taking care of all my horses that I can't give up.
    I know you aren't against buying and selling, or responsible breeding...just call it empty barn syndrome.
    Can you guys tell I've gone insane? I'm always like this after a show.
    I'm gonna go write about Mort.
    Fugs, I sent you some photos....

  6. >>So I'll need my truck to live in while I'm taking care of all my horses that I can't give up.<<

    Bahahahaha well there you go...

    Look, my horse board is over twice my rent. That should tell you something about how I live MY life.

    Use this e-mail during the week, I can't access the yahoo at work.