Monday, January 29, 2018

OK. I Give Up

I just can't stand it.

I'm gonna have to get back into the fray.

I have been through a difficult time. It brought me down far enough that I wasn't writing, riding, drawing, reading or listening to music.

My life was whittled down to my own health issues, which have become fairly impressive, but most important, caring for my dying husband.

Eight years ago he had a debilitating stroke. In one terrifying night I learned the man I had spent a large portion of my adult life with was gone. He was physically and mentally changed forever and would need care around the clock.

I quit both my job at a small town newspaper and my growing writing career.

It's been a long haul and my cache of stories was buried deep.

When this chapter of my life gave up it's big reveal, it made the previous ones seem inconsequential. My writing faded and then disappeared. I ended this year figuratively broken and literally just about dead.

Lucky me, it's not the end of my story.

I did not spend all my time being Mother Theresa. I still have my two favorite horses. I'm still able to throw a leg over the saddle, but there's been some enormous setbacks.

I began studying dogs. Some of you know Brockle, my big hairy menace and there have been several additions to my scrum of canines. It's been quite the learning experience.

This is part of the reason I'm back on the blog. FB just pisses me off. It's not a place for discussion. It's a place for attack and counter attack. I certainly will not be caught dead offering an opinion on any of the pages I haunt.

Which brings me back to the Mugwump Chronicles. Here, I can say what I think. As always, discussion will be welcomed, and I can delete the trolls, or feed them to you guys. I'm not going to have a grand re-opening, I'll just let it unfold and see where it takes me, just like I did the first time.

My purpose is identical to when I beganthis blog. It's to practice my writing, exorcise some demons and tell some stories. Oh, and I've got some opinions, but that's probably not a surprize.


  1. I look forward to your musings, rantings, explorations, and whatever else you have to share. While I am sorry for your loss, I am happy for your new found freedom to begin to move on.

    I hear you about the trolls on FB. Made the mistake of engaging one the other day, my bad... An exercise in pointless futility =/

    I have always enjoyed the open and positive tone that you set on your blog.

    Welcome back,


  2. YAY! You back, girl! I am happy to have your company. I have been diagnosed with PD myself in the intervening time and have a small sense of your struggles. A very small sense of all you have been carrying. Thank you for coming back to hang with us.

  3. Welcome back, and I'm sorry to hear about your husband.

  4. I'm sorry Dee Dee. PD sucks rocks.

  5. What Nanette said. I am sorry for your loss and look forward to reading whatever you choose to write. Also, opinions on Facebook are the worst.

    I'm so glad you're back.


  6. I'm terribly sorry to hear of your loss, but I missed your stories. I'm glad you are back

  7. I am so, so, so, so happy to read your words again. i can't tell you how many times i've gone back to read dog stories, horse stories, training advice and generally remind myself what good narrative writing looks like. Much love and good thoughts to you,