Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hear that? Me Either!

I know there are some that think this was going on...

It was kind of fun for a while, but there's a problem with all this madcap zaniness. See, I'm trying a new "thing," don't know what else to call it. I'll write a short piece and see what readers pull out of it.

By pull out of it, I meant thoughts about the horse, the rider, and sure, the trainer too, but I ended up with a bunch of heads needing to be pulled out of...never mind.

After the short story is done, I'll write a synopsis, outlining what I hoped you guys would see.

Clearly, comments are needed to make this idea work.

Comments about my sanity, temperament, responsibility for your personal sense of oneness with the universe, writing ability or personal hygiene don't promote conversation. It just gets those of us who like to think and converse off track.

For the simple minded, I've created a few examples that might help you understand what works and what doesn't around these parts.

"Why are you so mean?" BAD

"Why were you just observing Student on her first day?" GOOD

"Why are you so rude?" BAD

"Did you think the horse might be dangerous?" GOOD

Then, it makes me a little sad, but not much, I've started moderating comments.I'll pay attention, get them up ASAP and hopefully we can get back on track.Once in a while, when I'm feeling pissy, I'll quit moderating and we'll have a free-or-all.

Until then -- bye-bye trolls and PIA's, bye-bye.


Anonymous said...

I get excited when I see more than one new post a week!

I get pissed when people critique a situation without 1) reading the ENTIRE story; 2) thinking through how persons in the story are interacting (reading comprehension 101); and 3) Realizing/thinking about the good and bad "horse people" they have run across in their years with horses.


The "Sonita"/"Chex"-bred mare owner who is eager to read more cow horse stories to better appreciate her watchy, goofy, catty, super intelligent, on her way home from her first 30 days with a pro trainer, ammy trainer who admits when she needs a pro to step in for her horse's sake!!

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness.

I could see myself in that student. I could also see nearly every horse I've ever owned, because I could never afford a talented broke horse. So I always went for talent and had to work it out.

I think anyone who complains that you were "mean" or whatever, should be forced to take 10 lessons with a German dressage master. "Vot you say? 20 times around the rink vith out stirrups for dat!"

Heather said...

I like to tell my OHSET kids this: Talk to each other in the drill - but make it constructive. Don't just say "you suck", tell them how to fix it or at least how they're doing it wrong.... I think something similar applies here.

MalteseLizzieMcGee said...

I didn't comment just because of the comment fight. I also wanted to hear the whole story before I made any judgements.
I personally didn't find anything you said particularly mean.

Dehda01 said...

Omg- that poor little kid is going to be terrified of birds for the rest of his life!!!

Just happy to see you posting again -Mugs! I really missed the stories!

Whywudyabreedit said...

Excellent news, I was concerned that all of the rude insults might put you off a bit from sharing with those of us who are really interested and learning something here. Glad to hear that you found a work around. Whew! What a relief!


RHF said...

Yay Mugs and "sonita/chex" anon! Sad to see so many people incapable of polite conversation (and probably reading comprehension).

Anonymous said...

I am really appreciating these posts. I am about ready to give up riding. My horse spooked last October and I ate dirt. My hip still hurts. I haven't ridden since.

rheather said...

Nothing useful to say but-OMG!!!! I want to ride in a ZORB. And, even though I know I'd hurt for months after(because I'm way older the 20somethings in the video), I want to be rolled over by a ZORB.

Glad the discussion is back to being a discussion, too.

MichelleL said...

Zorb action looks very European. Switzerland maybe? The Netherlands?

That little kid is going to grow up to think the only good chicken is the one on his plate. I know because I was attacked by a rooster when I was 5 and that is the way I feel about chickens.

Love that you played Billy Goat Gruff and rousted the Trolls from under the bridge.

Anonymous said...

There might be a moral to the video ----- Sometimes we just have to let go of the corn !!!!

Anonymously owned by a GSD

Anonymous said...

There might be a moral to the kid vs. chicken story......Sometimes we just have to learn to let go of the corn !!!

Snipe said...

I didn't want to say anything in the first post because the troll anons seemed so unreasonable.

For what it's worth, I thought your actions at the first lesson were reasonable. You offered to help. The student declined. Lessons can't go on all day, so it made sense when you pointed out her time was up. This is not mean. This is practical.

Anonymous said...

Michelle L - that Zob video looks like it's at the home of Zorb - Rotorua, New Zealand.
Zorbing is awesome fun :) Come over here and try it.

I'm the bitchy one that thought first time round the rider should have turned up with the horse ready to work. From the way it was phrased it sounded to me like Mugs was well aware that the horse was not dangerous, just a spoiled brat that knew exactly how to get out of work. If the rider had been in any real danger she would not have let it go on - hell it would be nasty on her liability insurance if anything happened!

To me it sounded like the rider thought she was fine and how her horse was behaving was in the "normal behaviour" range. Did she need to see how the horses at the facility behaved in comparison to hers to start to realise all was not well?

You can't help someone that is certain that they are fine and don't need the help!

Anon from NZ - because google ate my ID and apparently someone exists with my names!!

emma said...

bummer that it came to having to moderate... but i totally get it. for what it's worth i really like the way you present topics and ask readers to think about things and comment openly. definitely lots of food for thought!

Anonymous said...

just want to say I loved the first blog in this series and don't get why it was so upsetting. Don't change to please anyone. Love how you write!

Lori said...

My heart goes out to the poor little boy. I would love to try the Zorb even though I am getting old. I was hooked on the first installment. This was the type of horse person I use to be until I was educated. I had to see other horses and other ways of riding to realize that there was something wrong with the way I did it. That is why I went to a trainer in the first place. If it had of been Mugs it might not have taken me 4 coaches till I "got it".

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