Friday, June 27, 2014

Horse Story

Cathy Atkinson posted this mind numbing ad from the Oregon Horse Forum on FB. It's a real ad. Word. 

I woke up for the day at 2 a.m. thinking about this kid, her mom and her birthday horse. A series of possible ads, posts and news breaking events kept running through my head. Here's my version of how this mess is going to play out. The first ad is the original posted by Cathy, the rest, well, you've been mugged.

Amelia's Mommy's Face Book Page

We found him!

heart Facebook keyboard shortcuts and Facebook emoticons  Amelia's new "furever"  friend, Honey Boo Boo II heart Facebook keyboard shortcuts and Facebook emoticons


Look what Amelia and Daddy made for Honey Boo Boo II!    A DIY round pen made from pallets!!!!!

Craig's List
             Pink Pony Saddle Set with Pad and bridal  $75
             It’s real light, easy for kids to put on the horse!


Pat Parelli Mastery Dvd Issue 1                                                 2d 14h left                          20.00

Why wait? Amelia and Honey Boo Boo II love each other sooooooo much she decided to start riding him!
No worries, we invested in some of the finest training tapes money can find used on eBay. Horse+Man+Ship !!!!!  

Amelia’s World

 My daughter Amelia is turning 9 on July 24th.  She is in the hospital after a tragic accident with a vicious horse. SHE COULD DIE ANY SECOND!!!!!! Me and my hubby have no savings, no insurance and are unemployed. Please PRAY FOR US!!!!!! A fund for Amanda has been set up at Shill Bank.

KGW-TV  Clackamous County

Owners said they fed the horse until it tried to kill their 9-year-old daughter.

Court returns horse to a Boring OR couple facing animal cruelty charges.

The horse was confiscated earlier this month. Reasons cited were a lack of shelter, water and grass for the animal. There was no visible feed on the property.

Sunshine Amyntas, owner of Die Trying Animal Rescue, off U.S. 17 in Clackmous County where the animal was nursed back to health, stated, "A veterinarian, appointed by a judge to evaluate the animals’ health, reached the decision to return the horse to its owners Saturday afternoon."

“The court put the vet in charge of the decision,” Amyntas said. “Whenever she says, 'It’s healthy enough to go home,' it goes home.”

Amyntas said Dr. B.J. Slacker visited the horse Saturday afternoon, vaccinated it, and decided the 11-month-old horse was healthy enough to return to its owners.

Last week the horses’ owners, Billy Joe Skittles, 53, and his wife, Louella Louise Beaver, 25, pleaded no contest to animal cruelty charges and were sentenced to unsupervised probation.

No-contest pleas allow defendants to enter a plea for sentencing purposes without admitting guilt.

The owners have said they fed the horse until it tried to kill their 9-year-old daughter. “We was promised a safe kids horse, you know, something our little girl could bond with,” Beaver said. “I think that sucker is bi-polar.”

Neither Skittles nor Beaver could be reached for comment on Sunday.

Craigs List

For Sale

Kid broke gental horse. 11-month-old colt. Not fixed. Broken to saddle, rides good. Call Louann.



TBDancer said...

Not a good way to start my Friday, but you are all SO RIGHT in this nightmare-waiting-to-happen.

Heather said...

I wish we could all get paid a dollar for every time this happened, because you are so right and that ad is so wrong. Ugh.

summersmom said...

Ugh. Some people.

My mare had a filly 6 years ago I put up for sale and at the time I was helping a family friend's 12 year old daughter get into horses. They decided they wanted their own horse after taking lessons for all of 2 months and I couldn't convince them otherwise. Of course they became fixated on buying my weanling since they could grow up together. I was still pretty new to horses myself (silly me bought a pregnant horse) but even I could see the train wreck that would have happened there. After talking them out of buying her (thankfully! ) someone else took over with helping them search for a horse to buy. They bought a 5 year old gelding that needed an advanced rider and lost interest before they had him for 2 years. The 14 year old girl who I did sell my filly to had knowledgeable parents, had been in 4H for a few years already, and had a training plan before money was ever discussed. She still has that mare and we keep in touch through Facebook. In fact, they just tried out for the Flagstaff rodeo queen.

redhorse said...

I miss Cathy.

One of the horses in our barn was rescued from the kill pen by a friend. She had been in just such a situation and became a very pretty, very snotty mare. My friend started her under saddle and taught her some manners. She's very reliable under saddle, but she must have been fed treats until she got out of control. She still tries to put her mouth on us, but the only treats she gets go in her feed bucket. I actually love her for her rotten attitude, because she hasn't given up in over 9 years, and she's so bad at actually doing anything bad. She likes to wrinkle up her face and look mean, but that's as far as it goes.

Heidi the Hick said...

You know I get people coming to me for lessons and asking me horse buying advice for their kids. I talk them out of it. Try a co-board or half lease, take lessons, wait to buy a horse. And if they are determined DO NOT BUY A YOUNGSTER. THEY ARE NOT KITTENS. THEY ARE HORSES. NOT KITTENS. NOT PUPPIES. NOT HAMSTERS. THAT WEANLING WILL GET VERY BIG OKAY? REAL BIG. Get a horse who's old and sleepy.

So far, no disasters.

That's a cute kid in the ad. I sure hope they wise up and realized that HORSES ARE NOT BABY DUCKS.

Becky said...

...I'm evil. I laughed.

mugwump said...

Ah, thank you Becky. I was giggling, make that cackling, the whole time I pieced it together.

Mona Sterling said...

I don't know how I missed this gem, but I wasn't ready for it and almost killed my keyboard with the coffee I snorted out my nose. Snarky, sarcastic and right on the money. Thanks for the laugh.

pagemaq said...

Hilarious, but sadly close to the truth, also. Some people are a terribly predictable combination of ignorant and douchebag.

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