Monday, April 16, 2012

Mouthy Monday

While Boyfriend will still have his blog (, I am starting one to chronicle the adventures of my first horse. He did something for a few years besides stand in a field. ;-) The blog is called One Good Horse (not very original, I know). Website:


As a little girl, I rode my invisible horse along the road side as my parents' car sped along. I galloped, leapt streams and culverts and guardrails, store sign and fallen logs, banked retaining walls and other landscaping. I never grew out of it; in high school, the half hour bus ride was often spent staring out the window as I flew the landscape on fleeter feet than my own.

At 13, I took lessons for a little over a year, and leased a few horses at a private barn, but I was not a good rider. I could sit a pretty wicked buck, I could deal with a horse that leaned... and beyond that, I was abysmal.

In college, I signed up for horseback riding before my other classes. The counselor looked at me oddly, but I didn't care. This was finally my chance to become what I always wanted to be: A good rider. A rider that was a suitable partner to the bold horse that jumped fences and ditches and galloped as I had done so many hours in my mind.

When classes began, the realization of how uneducated my riding body was was immediate and humiliating.

I got better.

I even got good, relatively speaking. I was always more passion and theoretical knowledge than natural talent, but I worked hard and became a passingly good enough rider.

While those years were spent riding mostly hunt seat, my real desire was to event. 

A college friend, J, became a working student for a well known eventer. Helping her family haul her horse down and seeing the beautiful facilities and horses made me more certain than ever that this was what I wanted to do. The facts that I had 1) only been jumping since part way through college, 2) a deep seated terror of death by jumping, and 3) no money (or even familial support) didn't sway me.

Said well known eventer

For spring break my senior year, another eventer on my college team was going to England to look at some BHS instructor courses, and I joined the trip. Among many wonderful horse and interesting experiences, one stands out that, in essence, has affected most every major life choice made since.

I rode a good horse. There were many interesting horses, but it was an unassuming looking bay mare, aged and with opinions of her station, that had a profound effect on me.

Somewhere in the far flung British countryside (Cornwall?) at the barn of Crazy Chocolate Guy, we had finished up a morning ride, myself on a monstrously large black gelding (He's green and doesn't steer real well, but no worry) who I felt was already well past flying mach two (KICK! KICK! KICK! I will say, you girls have lovely form. Americans always look better. We could use our riders putting a little more effort into form. But you need to be EFFECTIVE! Now, KICK! KICK!), my short stature-d friend on some similar creature. CCG wanted her to ride another horse, an elephantine chestnut that was a National level heavy weight field hunter. I thought this might prove interesting to watch. When he asked if I wanted another ride, I hemmed, hawed, and said, "Maybe just a hack on something?" 

I regret that I do not recall the bay mare's name. She was probably a bit northward of 16 hands, but after the massive creature I had been on before, she seemed decidedly small. I tacked her up, and with the uncomplicated instructions to "ride her up the lane a while", she and I struck off.

It was a beautiful British morning (with sun!), and I am on a beautiful horse on a narrow country lane. Life could not be better. Although, it is rather narrow. There's scarcely room for one car to pass us; what would happen if two came up of a sudden? In my brief time in that country I'd realized the" stereotypes" of crazy English drivers on narrow, hedge-blinded lanes are firmly anchored in fact. They are no exaggeration.

As I looked at the enormous hedges on either side, I got the strangest feeling of calm. I can jump those came as clearly from the mare as if she had spoken aloud. And I could see it. I could see her leaping over (well slightly through at the top, like) these hedges that were at my riding eye level as we marched briskly down the lane. It was an amazing feeling coming up through the tack, a feeling of confidence and ability and knowledge of her power. There was a certain ~certainty~ to her walk, as well, that just filled me with the humbling knowledge of Horse. For the first time ever, I could envision myself actually riding and jumping all those things fearlessly. Everything feels possible on a good horse.

Arriving back at the stable, CCG asked if I enjoyed my hack, and I said very much so. "She's a good old girl, went around the Badminton a time or two. Didn't win, though."

Back home, less than a month later my friend J asked me to come out to give her my opinion on a young project horse she'd had for a few weeks.

The gawky little bay horse had that same certainty, although he clearly didn't know what it was.

I did.


Shadow Rider said...

Ah, that is a wondrous feeling! I happened to come across a former steeplechase horse sitting in a pasture full of cows. I worked a trade deal, took her home, and hopped on for a ride. She would go anywhere, jump anything, a total point and click jumper. Fabulous! I had so much fun riding her that first day I didn't want to come home. I rode blisters into my legs.

nagonmom said...

I love the knowing that comes from a wild mix of heart and gut and maybe a touch of brains. That feeling can lead to some of the best of life's experiences.

your fond cousin Alex said...

I like this story!

FD said...

"Everything feels possible on a good horse."

Yes, this. I'm sat here grinning like a loon, remembering the first time I felt like that on a horse.

Mandie said...

Reminded me of a TB mare I had. I sure do miss that old mare, she taught me to jump and how to actually ride instead of just being a passenger. There's nothing like a good horse that gives you confidence in yourself because they are confident in themselves. ;)

Jill said...

wow. I thought you were going to go on to say 'so i pointed her at one of them and away we went!' but that would have been naughty :)

4* eventing confidence. My horse gave me that feeling around small courses but I can't imagine it when looking at hedges like that!

mysanity said...

Great story!!

Bif said...

Thanks, mugs. =)

IndyApp said...

So, I followed the link to the original blog and read the whole story beginning to end. What a great read.

mugwump said...

Good job Bif!

Liz said...

That was absolutely fabulous!! So well put... and I'm still searching for that moment. Thanks for sharing.

Ozhorse said...

I owned a good horse. He was a large QH 2nd cross that hated his first career in Western Pleasure. There was a jump course at the stables where I was and he was bored so I went over a few. He loved jumping. He had done training in trail class and thought that a jump was the same so he would suck in on any jump he was pointed at, no matter how narrow.

Mostly I rode western, and I did a few years low level reining with him. We would hunt to hounds some years, in Australia, so no hedges and not much jumping. It is possible to hunt in sliders but not a good idea, I know. He loved hunting. He loved jumping. I don't really know how to ride jumps properly so I would neck rein him toward a jump and leave the reins loose and hang on.

He would jump anything I was game enough to jump. I only remember him refusing one time, I went at an eventing jump and then lost confidence, so he stopped.

It is a great feeling that we could float powerfully over what I wanted to.

Kathy said...

I have a good old bay mare sitting in my back pasture. She'll tackle anything and just loves being ridden. Unfortunately, she's now a grand old lady at 34 with a deep sloping swayback with a touch of heaves, so as tempting as it is when she greets me at the gate, her rides are relegated to tag along while I ride the spooks out of my other horse who sadly lacks any sort of certainty.

Fyyahchild said...

I did the thing in the car too when I was a kid and I never told anyone. I find it beautifully odd how many of us shared that experience. So very cool...

Fyyahchild said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jan said...

This was such a good story! And it reminded me of my horse, Buckshot, a very experienced horse who is a dream to ride, because he is calm, reliable, unflappable, and powerful as hell when energetic. He is the very best kind of horse. I know I am lucky to have him.
I also love the comment Mandie made above: "There's nothing like a good horse that gives you confidence in yourself because they are confident in themselves." That's a wonderful description, Mandie!!

gfletcher342 said...

You've had a great story with your horse. I can really feel your passion for horse riding. You really did great with your own ways on how to learn to ride during your younger days. With much experience, you are definitely a very good horse trainer.

Good luck with your horse! ")

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