Saturday, February 25, 2012

Horses and Artists

unicorn and griffin - mugs

One of the great things about this blog is the connections I find to like minds.

I have talked in the past about how I've noticed there are a lot of ADD Horsaii out there and from the great stories that are told around our Mugwump camp fire I know we have some kick-butt writers.

There are other connections I have found as well.

 I've been allowed to see incredible creativity through you guys. Let's take one more step.

When I'm perusing your blogs and websites I come across a lot of artwork. There is a bunch of cool Horsaii art out there. So I'd like to give the artists a page too.

Send me a website address, a sample of your art (jpeg please, remember my six-year-old granddaughter has sharper computer skills than I do), a brief intro to and I'll start an art page.

It can be any type of artwork, photography, sculpture, painting, you name it. The only qualification? Wanting to share and of course, being Horsaii.


  1. Oh, looking forward to this response! I love horsaii writings and art, particularly old prints (in what are usually WONDERFUL old frames). My "artwork of choice" is horsey.

  2. Thank you Mugs! I have a website for my artwork at I would love to share! I do some commission-based work (much of it horse-related!), and I'm just finishing up on a logo for a horse trainer in Washington.

  3. Chevelle, you too huh? I just finished up a logo for the Iowa Trail Rider Equestrian Challenges group. What a mouthful, it's a good thing it shortens to Itrec.

    In any case, I have a zazzle store that I've started and need to get in gear, so thanks for the kick in the butt! has a horse section with er, just one horse in it so far. (although fantasy does have a couple of other horse like creatures in it. ;)

  4. Chevelle... beautiful work.