Saturday, April 16, 2011

Good Day

Just a quick hello.

The yellow peril went about her job just the way I needed her to yesterday. I wouldn't say she was calm, but there were no wild spooks,just simple starts at a few crackly, shadowy spots. She whinnied once, her tail stayed in a fairly horse like position and we stayed in a fast, but steady walk.

She glanced down at Rosie and just kept on trucking as we rode by her pen on the way home.

I rewarded her behavior by keeping the ride short and ending the day once she walked through all her go and blow spots without trying to plant me like a lawn dart.

There is hope on the horizon!

As far as pics, I'll see what I can do. I don't take many.I'm off to ride...later.


  1. Love good days! I had an interesting day... mare was already being stupid about... everything... we were coming down a hill and didn't notice the cow under the juniper till it was too late and we were on top of it.... Lic is terrified of cows!

    I think I learned today what a rollback feels like... it was interesting!

  2. The yellow peril knew you were on to her!

  3. Could it be sinking in?

    Enjoyed reading about her tracking cows (I'm sure that's not the right phrase, but my dealing with cattle is largely at the grocery aisle). Sounds like an amazing ride.

  4. My mare is out of heat, too :) Hormones!

  5. Seems like something is sinking in! You just have to be more determined than she is!

  6. I just got off of my horse...He was wound up today! Never spooked at anything, just doing his usual jig. Problem was, I was bareback and then he started getting that feeling like he had a hump in his back, so I turned him around and went back to the barn, put the saddle on and then went for a nice long ride. I can't work him hard anymore due to his stifle, but I was able to drive him up into the bit and get his attention, then drop my hand once he gave. Then waited for him to walk off...if he walked, I left him alone, if he jigged, I made him get up into the bridle again...after about 4 or 5 times, he got the clue and was a FAST walk, but it was a walk! WHEW!

  7. Re. your last post:
    Maybe it’s just spring?
    I had a really silly horse yesterday, but I interpret her silly spookiness as her way of flexing muscles and telling the world “I am feeling fiiine today”.
    After a long, fresh canter and some bucks the spookiness mysteriously disappeared.

  8. I feel lucky. The BGM is no more. December has become my favorite riding horse both in the arena and out. I've been trail riding her bareback in her halter and lead tearing up some trails outside her pasture while her buddy loses his mind calling her. She doesn't even bat an eyelash his direction. I love trail riding her alone. She's so brave. Who knew?

    I'm working on getting her show fit since Tax is lame. We worked on lead changes yesterday and while she was a cranky drama queen grunting and kinda hopping into them she was doing it. By the end she had settled into them a bit giving me some hope. I gave two lessons on her. My new kid rode off the lunge line for the first time and trotted her very nicely in the arena. That kid is going to be good. My neice got brave then and cantered in my Enlish saddle without holding on to anything. Progress!

  9. Good to hear. I took the roan mare out for a 5 1/2 hour ride yesterday with some friends. She spooked at little things as usual but nothing to fret about. We spent most of the ride with me asking her to step over. She loves to hug the steep edges. It seems like all the young ones do. So I practiced moving off my leg to get her to step over closer to the safe edge. Push into the bridle step across a couple of steps and relax. She drifts, we repeat.

  10. Good jump Mugs. Love to hear about the good days!! Givin' me hope!!!

  11. Madonna's got a smile on her face like a Wesley Dennis illustration. Pretty girl!