Saturday, June 12, 2010

I Promised a Picture

Here's Oakie and me in the summer of 1978. This is a pretty good example of a balanced ride stop.

If you look at my line of balance, I'm coming up over his shoulders. I have almost no weight in my saddle seat, most of it's in my legs.

Oakie is two in this shot, I'm 21. He is in standard keg shoes.
Yes, now I know I was a total moron stopping a 2-year-old that hard, but I didn't know it then.

Just look at that stop. My reins are loose and he's really putting them down.

I have changed my points of balance in the following years,but the best thing I learned from this method is to ASK first. I also learned to always be aware of my body and how it's effecting my horse.

So this is basically the beginning of my learning to truly train a horse.

And yes, I'm wearing a halter top. It was the 70's, what can I say.
Shanster: This was at a stable on Harmony Rd. in Ft. Collins. I was an art major at CSU.


Joy said...

damn woman, those arms are buff! that is one helluva stop. The loose rein is very interesting and makes me see and think about body posture/position.

Rode my pregnant friends HUGE wp horse today to work him out for her. My stops sucked. It's funny, you talked about saddles awhile back. I have a roping saddle. It was free, so there ya go. I rode in a reining saddle today and had no freaking clue I could put my legs in a position besides back or straight down...

Need to work on this and have time since preggers is only 7 months and I'll be riding both of hers.

Food for thought I guess.

Stelladorro said...

I keep coming back to the balanced ride stop - I started playing with it on my horse when I was home for spring break and I want to see how far I can get with it this summer. I think it will work well for us because she an all arounder, at least in the sense that's she's not athletic/talented enough to be great at any one thing, so I've decided to try and make her decent at a variety of things. It will be interesting to see how it fits in with the other little things she knows, especially since most of it is very hunt seat and dressage based.

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Look at that picture! I really like your form. I rode in halter tops back in the day too.

You've got him stopping really well for a two year old although you are right, it's so hard on them.

Shanster said...

Joy - that was my thought too! Look at those guns! Mugs - I can appreciate your form for sure.

Crazy isn't it? Harmony was out in the middle of nowhere then... now it is filled with shopping malls, parking lots and restaurants!

mommyrides said...

Wow, I don't know anything about stopping like that but by the amount of dust in the air I'm sure something good is happening :)

What is it that he is wearing on his face? Is he in a hackamore? Would that be normal even then for your training strategy about not introducing the bit right away?

Thanks for the photo, as much as I hate being videoed or photographed riding it sure can be worth that thousand words!

Londoner said...

it always amazes me the scenery you yanks ride in!! my god, it looks like a postcard

mugwump said...

Londoner-I never get tired of the scenery around me and I appreciate it every day. Thanks for noticing!

Everybody- Those arms come from self care...nothing like cleaning stalls, bucking bales and hauling grain bags to turn you into a lumberjack.

Oakie is in a hackamore. It was the first time I started a horse in one. I love the things.
My yellow mare is back in hers while I tune her up.

Half Dozen Farm said...


What type of bosal do you prefer (I know they come in all varieties; from really stiff, to really soft)?
I love riding my OTTB mare in one on the trail, but the bosal I have is so stiff that I have it wrapped with vet wrap on the sides and a bright blue faux sheepskin halter pad over the nose. I know, really classy! :) Do you have a preferred shop you purchase bosals from? Love the pic by the way!

strivingforsavvy said...

I love reading your blog. I wanted to tell you I went to CSU and graduated with BFA in Graphic Design in 1984. I also took a horseback riding lesson (for credits) at CSU that was taught by Cherry Hill. Do you still live in Colorado?

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