Sunday, May 2, 2010

If I Wrote a Book

My step-daughter and I were talking horses (as always) on the phone.

She was teasing me about how brief I'm becoming in my training philosophy.

We figured I would only have a three chapter book.

Chapter One: If it hurts a kid or horse it's wrong.

Chapter Two: If it works it's a good idea.

Chapter Three: If it doesn't work try something else.


EvenSong said...

Ah! But that third chapter would be so long: as in, all the "something elses" to try!

Breathe said...

Can I propose a fourth:

If it doesn't work, you probably weren't paying attention.

Becky said...

I dunno... toss in enough pretty pictures and you may have something marketable in there.

RuckusButt said...

It might be only 3 chapters...but how many pages would it take to cover each of those areas? Sounds so simple...if only!

Either way, we'd eat it up.

hwbowen said...

Oh, it's all very simple! The catch is: not always easy. ;)

Shannon said...

What a great book! I'd buy it. Chapter three should be posted in every arena and barn as a reminder to the stubborn.

nagonmom said...

Hmmmn I want the second book. ALL the stories behind book one. And then make up some for book 3, fiction. But reality based fiction. Actually, I'd probably buy book 1 as well.

Becky said...

You'd better be careful, Mugs. You wrote a quick post making a joke.. if you leave us alone much longer we'll have you signed up with an agent and the book halfway through publishing by the time you come back. Notice how we're already pushing for a sequel?

wilsonc said...

Haha! I've long thought you should put your stories into a book.

glenatron said...

One of my teachers has a similarly simple outlook on training. Indeed I think from a technical point of view what he does is more simple than what you do, but he managed to put a very useful book together based on it.

It's simple when you say it, but finding enough angles of explanation that someone will actually understand it is another matter entirely.

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