Saturday, February 27, 2010

Horse Rescues

I'm guessing a few of you may have noticed the photo of the nice old horse and the plea for donations on the side of my blog. this is Goliath. He is a 20 + gelding who's 17hh ahead of the saggy parts.

I have stayed away from the horse rescue arena, at least on this blog, for a lot of reasons. One is the rescue conversation is best left to Fugly, she's the master as far as I'm concerned.

Another reason is this blog is about horse training and our relationships with our horses. I feel like you need to stick with what you know, so I do.

But then came Dreamcatcher Equine Rescue. I did a story on Julie and Paul DeMusey for my paper last fall.

I'm not an easy sell, so I went out to their place and drilled them pretty good before I decided they were OK.

They are. They work hard at outside jobs, pay for hay out of pocket when they need to and put their horses first.

The horses are happy and healthy and carefully maintained.

I think Julie had me hooked when she pointed out to the pasture and said, "See that group out there? Those are the old farts. They don't have two teeth between them but they like to pretend they can graze."

She feeds them their mash in the morning then turns them out for the day. They're the first at the gate to come in for dinner.

I like people who appreciate old horses.

Dreamcatcher is full to the brim with horses.They took on 30 head of starved horses from a rescue in Colorado that went hoarder. On top of the 50 head they normally carry.

So now they have more than they should have, but they're cheerful about it and doing the best they can.

Along comes Mugs. The retired trainer who is really missing working with horses. They just happen to have a bunch that need some training.

Since I'm waiting to get my amateur card I can't take any remuneration for my services. But I can donate.

Soooo.....I started working a few head and getting some ground work done. Then I noticed there was a need for some riding instruction and horse 101 around the ranch. You see there is Julie, who knows her way around a horse and a whole bunch of eager but green volunteers.

Now we're planning some clinics and talking about a training/riding program for volunteers. If it works we'll open the clinics to outsiders and let the rescue make a little money.

So I guess I'm involved in horse rescue now. But what I'm actually involved in is training horses and horse people. So I'll have lots to write about.

I'm not going to beg for donations for this group. I will say the Pay Pal button goes straight to the Dreamcatcher account. Julie sends out a thank you for every donation, so you'll get to cyber-meet her if you donate. She's laid back, friendly and grateful for every little bit.

So there's my horse rescue talk.


Shanster said...

What a great way to give back in an area you were missing and know so well - horses.

And hey, CONGRATS on your award!! Awesome! I'd say your writing is getting recognized eh? I think 'we' blog readers have all clamored for more and it's nice to get recognition professionally as well.

Way to go!

mugwump said...


Reddunappy said...

Mugwump, I have a question for you, late this year, probably Sept., I am hoping to haul my daughters horse to her. She will be getting out of the Air Force in July. Some of our fellow bloggers said you are in the CSprings area? Anyway thats what I was wanting to know. She will have to board her mare as her husband has a house in town, just thought I might try to get a jump on finding some places that she can check out when she gets home. Oh I will be bringing her horse from Washington to Colorado.

manymisadventures said...

Cool stuff, Mugs. It sure sounds like working with that rescue will be really satisfying.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a good match for them and for you. Do let us know how it goes, I'm sure you'll end up with another bunch of stories!

Beth said...

Good for you for volunteering! It is hard to be an animal lover of any type and see the suffering that happens and although we may want to bring them all home with us, it leads to hoarding. Volunteering is a great way to help animals in need without bringing them all home. I agree whole heartily with you about the old ones too.

DarcC said...

Sounds like a worthy place, I'm glad you all found each other!

I noticed the award badge too - congratulations!

nagonmom said...

congrats on the award(book!?book!book!)!
Thanks for the info on the rescue. I had looked at their site and wasn't sure if they were mugwump sanctioned or not. Good to know it is. They have a better shot at my money than the make-up ad!! I am sure there will be tons of stories in the rescue experience.

Martha Seaman McKee said...

Wonderful. Good for you.

LuvMyTBs said...

Good for you Mugs! I assist 2 rescues with my skills when they ask. It is very rewarding,
especially when the horses I helped get placed.Win Win for all.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Thta's terrific! I've been a volunteer at Walkin N Circles Horse Ranch Rescue in Edgewood, NM for a year and they started doing the clinics and classes and trail rides, too. They keep them open to their volunteers only at this time, of which there are at least a hundred. And many of the volunteers foster or board the rescued horses at the ranch, so the horses get to attend the clinics and get more experience, too.

I think more horse rescues should follow suit.


homespunheretic said...

This long-time reader is very happy to see you get involved with something like this. I think it will be very fulfilling for you to do so many of the things you love, and for such a great place to boot. I hope we hear all about your adventures.

rockymouse said...

Mugs, a big pat on the back for your CPA award. I don't know if you recall, but I write for a small town weekly, too, and I've been honored by my state's press association a few times in the past. Makes you feel good and I'm sure you're deserving!

HorseOfCourse said...

That's great!

Hooray for your work at the rescue, and what a sweet looking senior he is, Goliath. Just look at that back!

And another Hooray for your award!
What a wonderful confirmation of job well done after changing your job career.
Can anything of it be read on internet?

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