Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

I truly do have a post ready answering a bitting question I got several months ago, but things keep popping up, like holidays and good music.

I am looking forward to 2010. I'm not sure where it will go or where I'll end up but I do have some plans. I guess they can be called resolutions.

I plan to keep my head down and continue to write.

This blog has opened countless doors for me and kept my mind sharp and thinking ahead. I am grateful to all of you and will keep posting as long as there is interest.

My daughter told me she looks at my life as a continual series of term papers. It gives her the shivers, and not in a good way.

I do write every day until my eyes burn and my fingers cramp. But I find my world growing in leaps and bounds, I look forward to the beginning of each day and have a terrible time controlling the non-stop stream of ideas that whips through my wacky brain. I have the privilege of learning something new every day. Not bad.

My new life is just about as wonderful and fulfilling as my life as a trainer was. Except now I'm inside when the storms hit.

I plan on fighting hard to continue finding a balance with my horses and my business life. Things are slowly falling into place. I hope to be attending our local cuttings with my yellow mare and Leland by spring. The blond beast should be competing and my little 3-year-old can practice hauling, ponying and standing tied.
I also intend to have his butt in the herd by fall.

I plan to continue my quest to figure out my place in the world. I have begun volunteering at one of the horse rescues I sponsor. It seems to be a good fit. I like being immersed in lots of horses needing lots done. Now the horses I work with are being given a chance to avoid a one-way trip to Mexico. It feels pretty good and should give me plenty of new stories to share and discuss.

I guess this is as close as I'm going to get to New Years Resolutions. Tonight I'm going to cook a steak and some crab legs and put a puzzle together with my old man.

Talk to you soon.


  1. Mugs,

    There are not nearly enough people in this world who are happy in life.

    SO GLAD to see you are in a place where even though things are work, they are so satisfying. You sound happy, and that's great... not just happy with what you HAVE, but what you do for other people and horses (and other critters) around you.

    Keep up the writing... you entertain and inspire!!

    Lesli (aka Bif's keeper)

    I am Boyfriend

  2. Thanks for writing this blog. Your words have made me laugh, cry, and learn. I'm looking forward to riding along with you in 2010.

  3. Happy New Year! I enjoy every one of your posts and am so glad you write such thoughtful and diverse topics. The biggest thing you've taught me is how much more cognizant & deliberate I need to be as I ride. Thank you!

  4. OMG...didn't we just do resolutions? Has it been a year already? OMG. It has.

    I went back to look at my old ones from last year to see where I ended up.

    1. Lose 40 lbs. Well, I lost 30 then gained back 10. I'm going to start again this year but at least I have a little less ground to cover.

    2. Lessons - Does a total of about 5 count?

    3. I competed in one show and got a 5th in english pleasure.

    4. Trail ride the OTTBs. Lol...mostly. I can't believe how good the BGM was on our first trail ride. I'm hoping that continues.

    4. Pack trip...never did get this planned. For some reason the family is more interested in Disney Land.

    So, I'm down to just "lose the frickin' weight already" for this year. :) Okay, and I need to decide which horse to sell and get back down to two. Three just isn't manageable for me timewise. Oh and complete a good part of the novel I'm trying to write. That too! So that's three. Three is a good number.

  5. I'm looking forward to 2010 too... I've never been a good resolutions person.

    I keep discovering areas in my life to focus on, enjoy and things about myself I'd like to see improve. I work on all that stuff daily, weekly, yearly...

    Here's to the new year and all the promise it brings! Cheers!

  6. Happy New Year! Your blog is bookmarked since it's discovery and a must read. Your words have helped me figure some things out and also gives me more to think about. Your stories are entertaining and I can't wait for the next installment. Thank you for what you have contributed to my horse life.

  7. Changes can be both scary and stimulating.
    After having made such a large change in your life it is so good to hear that you are content and happy, and looking forward to new days with new ideas.

    Have a wonderful 2010, Janet, and good luck on your Quest!

  8. Mug, I have read and re read most of your posts. I have learned so much from you and you have also answered a question of mine a time or two.

    My last question for 2009.

    How do you get a horse to be quicker on her feet? SHe is FAST 16hnd paint/tb but not a quick stopper or turner.
    She had brakes but it's this hop hop THUD stop, sends me over her neck sometimes ! Her turns are lethargic to say the least esp to the left. Oh and spurs are a big NO, i just got bucked off rom using spurs. MARES !

  9. Mugs, You must have had more time on your hands over the holidays? You've been able to post and share with us alot these past couple of weeks - I'm Loving it! My resolution is to keep reading your blogs. Yours is my favorite spot on the internet. You inspire and entertain us, please keep up the great work! I look forward to 2010 and more great stories and learning from you and your other readers. Even though I do ride those "boring" pleasure horses ;)

  10. Happy New Year to you, too.

    Isn't it interesting that life moves on, evolves, changes even if we think we are in a happy spot? That the more we reach out and embrace the new direction, the happier we are?

    Thank you for all you do. I have learned a lot and my horse really appreciates it :) And I look forward to what else I can learn this year!


  11. Mugs, Happy New Year.(Book!) Thanks for being a regular part of my life, and providing valuable advice and more valuable companionship. (Yes, you must! Me wants to read it!) I would never offer advice on a New Year's Resolution to you.(Book,book,book!)


  12. Hmm, I would take the term paper thing and a compliment. I don't have a mind for fiction, and I'm a terrible storyteller (hubby calls them my "shaggy dog stories," and my friends back home used to call it the "A-bomb" because one of my stories would stop a party but in high school and college, I thrived on writing research papers. I loved the "aha!" moments of making connections, and just learning from doing the research.

    You, however, are a very gifted storyteller, your Sonita and Mort stories always put me right there. Thanks for this blog!

  13. Call them resolutions or desires or goals or whatever...a person's life seems to gain control (if that is really the right word) when there is something to look forward to.

    Your blog is uplifting to so many people, I'm sure your going to be writing in it for a very long time!

    Thank you for taking everyone's issues and helping them with them...which in turn educates the rest of us. It's great for everyone.

    Best wishes for you in 2010~

    PS~I read that there is a way to print out a blog as a book ;~)

  14. Is the Sonita story going to continue in 2010 or was your last post the last chapter? It's hard to tell... it COULD have been the ending but then again... (I hope there's more)!

  15. Okay all, I updated my blog, and have some great pics...I got my mare kicking for the sky! Please visit!


  16. My life with horses is changing, also, and I am looking forward to going back to training and lessons. and more riding of my own! My blog talks about the meaning of the word resloution, and every meaning that I found has applied to everything that I have decided to do. Happy New Year, Mugs and all the other readers! I have enjoyed your stories, knowledge and helpful advice!

  17. Janet, I don't think that you will be getting any breaks due to lack of interest. I sincerely hope that my transition into a new career will be approximately as successful as yours has been. I appreciate the opportunity to be along for the ride. I have been away from the blog over the holidays, catching up feels absolutely decadent =)

    Happy New Year!