Sunday, November 15, 2009

Thank You

You guys are great. Wading through this emotional mess is tough. As of today I may have some answers.

There is a family with two horse crazy girls. Their parents are willing to let them get horses. They want horses for their family property. BUT they also have the wisdom and financial ability to lease two horses for a year at a boarding facility with the daughters under the tutelage of an instructor.

So maybe, just maybe things will fall into place here. The horses they are interested in are Loki and an OTTB I broke out for the folks who have called me about this arrangement.

If after a year everybody is happy they will buy the horses. This might work out just fine.

It doesn't matter if they go English or Western, Loki doesn't care.

Kidlette took some basic jumping lessons on her and she's comfortable trotting through poles and going over up to 18 inch jumps.

All my horses go in a snaffle and willingly ride in contact with a bit and most of my horses can pass a level 2 dressage test. I know that's not much, but after that our paths split off.

While not excited (I really would prefer to just keep her) I don't have the sick feeling in the pit of my stomach I had when I first wrote about this and asked for your help.

Thank you so much for your thoughtful answers and input.

Even if the lease deal doesn't happen I have decided to bring her in to fill Pete's spot if he goes on to the school. I'll ride her daily then, loosen up her tight spots and truly be able to evaluate where she should go. My yellow horse will have to wait a while (sigh).

I think the comment that came through the clearest was this one....anon. said -"So many of us would be denied great horses if owners didn't think they would ever find the right home, or if no one could care for that horse like they did."

Believe me, I read and listened to every one. Thanks again.


Becky said...


I'm really happy that you seem to have found a solution.

And--WOW. To go from no horse to a horse that looks like Loki? Boy, am I envious! I hope for everyone involved that it's a great fit :)

Unknown said...

So glad you worked it out. The reason I couldn't sell my horses is they are all kind of "special" in their own ways. See Indigo could be a school horse, in an arena. Would she be happy, no. She hates arenas. Shes utterly lazy and boring in an arena and sours quickly. She also hates being in a stall and expresses herself even after a few hours of stalling when she is let free by running and bucking like a maniac (yeah shes turning 18 next year). The lady who sold her to me gave up a $4000 offer on her to give her to me for $2500 because it was the right home. She almost went to a big riding school just on the outskirts of a city where she would have had an hour tops turnout each day. Where she is with me she has 24/7 turnout and constant contact with other horses, just like where she was born and raised.
If the home is right, it will fit. I would, for sure get a contract signed (especially on Loki) for first right of refusal. I have done that on all my horses I have sold. Worth the little bit of extra frustration.

HorseOfCourse said...

I am too far off to give any sensible piece of advice.
What I do know is that a good match between a horse and a rider makes me happy, because I know that both the horse and the rider will thrive.

A well educated horse, matched with a younger rider, often gives me happy moments to watch.
And if you add a good intructor into that stew, well, I'd say this girl is probably in for some happy moments.
And happy girl often equals a much loved horse.

Wish you good luck, whatever option you go for.
Take your time, and go with your gut feeling.

Anonymous said...

No sick feeling, huzzah! I hope it plays out as well as it sounds. Do let us know!

Justaplainsam said...

-"So many of us would be denied great horses if owners didn't think they would ever find the right home, or if no one could care for that horse like they did."

I so agree with that comment. Good luck with whatever you chose Mugwump.

Whywudyabreedit said...

Oh man, that feeling in the pit of your stomach is likely almost always, if not always right. We sure are conditioned not to pay much attention to that for the most part in our culture.

I had that feeling not too long ago about working with a young horse for another boarder. She liked the way my colt behaved and what he knew. She especially liked the way I can run with him when I am leading him. I really like her and I also liked her colt well enough. But I just had a bad feeling about it. I ended up telling her that she could do better with someone more experienced with young horses. I think that was the right thing to do.

That was a random aside... Anyway, I root for listening to your gut =)

Chelsi said...

So great to hear you might have found a good spot for Loki! Good luck!

Jayke said...

The whole tone of this post is so much more upbeat than the last, I'm happy you've come to a decision that makes that "sick feeling" go away.

The family, and the arrangement, sounds ideal for Loki. Hopefully she will give that girl a great first horse owning experience, and spare her some of the difficulties that many of us went through when purchasing a first horse.

Keep us posted on the end result. I'd also really like to hear a bit about Loki's story, one of my favorite parts of this blog is reading your stories about horses you've owned or worked with.

gtyyup said...

This seems like a pretty win-win situation! I'm glad your feeling better about it. The lil' gal should be one happy rider!

stilllearning said...

At the risk of sounding too...mushy?...I'm really glad to hear that you benefit from this blog, too. You've set up a safe place to exchange supportive ideas with your "play nice" rules and have attracted what seems to be a really nice bunch of followers.

So, glad it helped with your decision, and really glad that you found such a good compromise.

TexasMissy said...

That yellow mare has brought you so much joy. Maybe she could move up on your priority list if the thought of that makes you smile.


Anonymous said...

I'm thrilled for you and for Loki!! Always a sigh of relief when things look like they are going to work out! I was a young girl who found that well-trained, well-schooled first horse. He and I had so many wonderful adventures together. A well trained horse is a wonderful gift to a horse crazy young girl. I do hope that Loki and her future human friend will have many many wonderful adventures together!

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