Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Been a Year Today...

If I hadn't started cataloguing the blog I would never have realized today is an anniversary of sorts. It was a year ago today I started to blog.

To tell the truth, on April 9, 2008, I had no idea what a blog was. I liked reading Fugly and realised I could voice my opinions too.

I also wanted to write. I have always wanted to write, I dreamed of children's books to go along with my artwork from the first time I opened "Where the Wild Things Are." I wanted to take a writing course at the local college, but it was clearly pointed out by my other half that we didn't have the money to spend on an indulgence like a writing class.

So, I started Mugwump Chronicles. I figured I could practice my writing, maybe get a few people to read and discuss horses with me and not spend any $$. This blog helped me realize the change in course my life needed to take and got me job as a writer. Self indulgent my butt.

My life hasn't taken me in any easy directions. I have struggled to pay my way my entire life. Mostly because my career choices involved horses, art and now writing.
Because of these crazy jobs, I also supplemented my income by by being a waitress and bartender off and on through most of my 20's and 30's.

I've never broken into the "big time" in any of my jobs. I would manage to keep food on the table and pay my bills, but nothing more. Well, I had a brief stint as a restaurant manager, so I was succeeding there. Of course as soon as I realized what was happening I ran screaming into the night.

Because I have had a single thread direct my course through every job change, every chased dream and every faded deer trail I've decided to follow.

Horses. My entire life I have breathed them in with every breath. I hear their hoof beats drum through my mind every time I am stressed beyond my personal control. I can slow my heart beat by slowing the horses I hear in my head. Although I often can't reconcile my own situation, I can always slow my physical symptoms by soothing the horse whose hoof beats match the pounding of my heart.

Like a tight jawed horse who licks her lips and relaxes only because I stuck my fingers in her mouth, I feel better because of the physical response and can think out my problems. Crazy, huh?

A good friend came with me to Alamosa when I did my Blue Allan interview. On the way home we were talking the tired, idle talk that happens on the long drive home at the end of a trip.

"Kevin (her husband) and I were talking about a musician friend of his, " Kathy said.
"He has been playing music his entire life. Sometimes he was so broke he would talk the bar manager into letting him sleep under the pool tables for the duration of the gig.
"Now he is pretty successful. But it's been really hard on him.
"He said it's because his music is his passion. It has been the single focus of his entire life, to play music. Then he said the music was stronger than he was."

"He's lucky to have that passion,"I said.

"Kevin said he finally understands you. Your whole life has been geared toward having horses in it. No matter what you do it always evolves around being able to keep your horses.
"He realized you were the only other person we know driven by a passion stronger than you are yourself."

I've been thinking about that one. I guess it's true. I didn't become a trainer just because of a driving desire to train. I actually became a trainer so I could keep my horses. I was a waitress so I could have time to ride my horses. As an artist I drew them and now as a writer I write about them.

So this blog is the best. Because I get to write about horses with and to people as passionate about them as I am. How lucky am I?

I've been rereading my posts as I put them in order. It's funny. When I was still working and training I wrote with the Eastern Plains twang I know so well. I had no clue I was doing it but I can hear it as I read my older posts.

Now my writing is becoming more "suburban". I can't hear the twang anymore. It's a little sad. But as long as I can still talk "horse" I guess I don't mind if my literary accent fades away.

Especially if I can keep talking horse with you guys.


Albigears said...

Awesome. Finally, an explanation as to why I was able to keep my horse happy, healthy, and sound through all those years of living below poverty level!

mugwump said...

Yeah. We're nut jobs.

Heila said...

Thanks Mugs. You've just confirmed to me that going without yourself so that your horse doesn't is an entirely rational thing to do, even if only among horsaii...

Anonymous said...

That was so eloquent! What an amazing job of putting that feeling into words. I was reading a Dick Francis book and the character described his passion for horses "as necessary to me as the sea is to sailors". This was another special moment that brought a tear to my eye and a pow of an emotional response. Thanks, you made my day and Happy Aniversary!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

So many times in my life, people have tried to convince me that if I just got rid of the horses and got a career, bought a little house in town and lived a "normal" life...eventually I would get to a point where I could have a horse for my amusement.

Funny thing is, those people are long gone from my life and the horses are still #1...well, the kiddo runs pretty tight in there too, but she is as into horses as I am.

Horses weren't what I did whenever my job allowed...most of the jobs I took, I took simply because they worked around what I wanted to do with horses.

I look at it this way, I wanted to spend my youth doing what I loved. When I get old and can't ride as much...then I can worry about a non-horse career. Irresponsible? Maybe! Worth every minute? Absolutely!

Nicely dun said...

Thats awesome! Thats what I've always been telling myself, and am still telling myself. I dont care what my "all time goal in life is" jsut as long as I can keep my horse.

Nice read!

Melissa said...

Driven by a passion stronger than you are, eh? I like that explanation, it fits a number of people I know, including my husband. I'm not one of those people, but I wish I was.

AareneX said...

Here's a story for ya. I'm sure you'll see what I mean:

There's a guy, he fishes for a living. Goes out in the boat with his son every morning. They're back in port by 2pm with fish to sell to the local tourist restaurant. Money for food for today and tomorrow, and the rest of the day free to sit in the sunshine, talk with the neighbors, and play with the grandchildren.

Tourist sees this, and freaks out. Tells the fisherman that he should spend longer hours on the sea, bring home more fish, make more money, buy a bigger boat to catch more fish, invest that money, and become rich!

Fisherman wonders what he would do, if he followed that plan, what he would do after becoming rich.

Tourist tells him, "when you are rich, you can retire. Then you can spend every afternoon sitting in the sunshine, talking with the neighbors and playing with your grandkids."

Fisherman is polite, but laughs about the proposal for years to come.

mocharocks said...

"Horses. My entire life I have breathed them in with every breath. I hear their hoof beats drum through my mind every time I am stressed beyond my personal control. I can slow my heart beat by slowing the horses I hear in my head. Although I often can't reconcile my own situation, I can always slow my physical symptoms by soothing the horse whose hoof beats match the pounding of my heart."

Ok, that part brought tears to my eyes and I'm the LEAST emotional person I know, not much gets to me. Ok, maybe on the inside, but I almost NEVER let anyone see it! I always like to say- I'm soft on the inside, prickly on the outside.

Maybe it got to me because that's how I feel, but have never been able to express it, and even if I could, no one in my life would get it.

So glad you started blogging Mugs! And it's nice to know there are so many people out there that are just as crazy as I am.

Sarah said...

I love your blog and I’m so happy you started it. I haven’t been in it for the whole year- but long enough that in a strange sort of way I feel like I’ve been part of your journey. I came across it while I was searching for all the info I could on owning horses- because although I’ve never owned one, someday I will fulfill that lifelong dream and get my very own. Until now I have to live vicariously through those who have them, and find time/ways to enjoy other people’s horses.
I admire the way you’ve followed your passion, I guess because I’ve always taken the practical course, jobs that pay the bills and pushed my ‘passion’ painting, to the side. I sometimes wonder what would happen if I quit my secure day job and painted all day long. I’m too cowardly to do it. I worry too much that if I did rely only on my ability to paint and draw I would never get to the point where I could someday get a horse and give it the best care possible, or buy the little farm that I’ve longed for all my life. So I keep the security of a regular job and often don’t have time for what I’m most passionate about.
I guess following a passion is never for the money- it’s because it’s something in you that can’t be pushed aside for want of money. I wish my passion for my artwork was as strong as your passion for writing or for your horses. Yep- I surely admire you. Thanks for starting this blog, and for sharing your opinions and your knowledge and wisdom about horses. It’s made my dream of horse ownership that much stronger, because slowly I’m learning what it will be to have a horse...realistically. Someday when I do get him, I’ll know how better to be fair. I’m learning so much of that from you. So thanks, congratulations, and keep up the great blog!

autumnblaze said...

I used to have 'white coat syndrome' whenever they'd take my blood pressure at the doctors. My blood pressure (despite family predispositions) isn't high I just freak that it might be.

After I got into horses, I just think of my favorite horse 'hugging' me and burying my face into their neck when that put that cuff on my arm. I've never had a high pressure read since.

Ever since I got the chance to be around them, I realized I couldn't go back. Every job I've had was to be around them (veterinary, whatever to pay for lessons). Now, I'm looking for ANYTHING that will allow me to take the horse I've been leasing as my own. I've been nearly desperate but steadily working to it. My husband figured out it was much safer to help me out than argue about the expense. I'm determined as ever to figure it out and closer than ever too. :)

Mugs - thanks for writing/blogging about horses. It gives us one more place to be with them, even when we're away from them.

Justaplainsam said...

And yet again!!

LOL I just wrote about this on my blog, on how far things have come in almost a year. I started it to vent about what I was feeling about what I thought at the time, (and what some Dr's though) was cancer. And dealing with the RA and how to still be involved with the horses.

I read on another board, when someone was talking about the stress of showing, how one person says to herself "I am so lucky to have this horse, I am so lucky to have friends to show with, Im so lucky..., Im so lucky..."

And its true, as much as I complain about not riding well enough, not having the money to show alot, I am lucky to have my friends, to be ABLE to ride again, ect.

I've also realized that my entire defenition of feeling 'well' is being able to ride, and enjoy horses. I might not be able to do alot of things, and be in alot of pain some days but everything feels better the minute I get on a horse.

So I completly agree with you Mugs, were all nut jobs but atleast were happy being nut jobs, and we have lots of other nut jobs to hang out with!

Heidi the Hick said...

You know, this could have moved me to tears.

Partly because I relate so strongly to the financial struggle some of us end up with in order to stay with our passion, but also because you and I share two passions: the writing and the horses.

KNow what else? I too feel like nothing's ever come easily to me. I don't feel that I'm particularly good at anything, but those are the two things I care enough about to get better at.

I'm married to a guy who feels the same way about music. I've given up so much for him to do what he does, because I know that feeling.

That's why he really needs to buy me a farm so I can get him and the kids and the horses onto the same property.

mugwump said...

Heidi the Hick says -I don't feel that I'm particularly good at anything, but those are the two things I care enough about to get better at.

Yes, yes and yes.I want to be good. But that relly isn't the point. I don't think there is one. It just is.
Autumnblaze - I think the whole blog is rooting for you to get that horse!!!!

Think if we filled up the studio on OPRAH she'd get us all the horse, the barn, the land, the understanding spouse, whatever it is we need?

Sarah - I am struggling with a full time job for the first time in my life. Love the job - the hours stink. I can only ride a little. I hate it. So I sympathize.
I made money with the art work because that was all I had for awhile. It wasn't fine art, it was illustration. Hard core, not very satisfying, definitely hard on the ego, and not much $$.
If my passion had been art I think I would have stayed there. I ended up training horses again.
Same job description, but it didn't bother me.

Heidi the Hick said...

Yep, it just IS.

Almost forgot- Happy Blogiversary! And may you continue to enjoy writing and talking horses with us!!!

i know nothing said...

Great post and happy anniversary!

At a party at our house, a guy was talking to me about his middle school son's love of everything about airplanes. The kid has it all figured out about how he's going to be a pilot. Then the dad said how lucky people like his son and I are to have a burning passion in our lives. I completely agree.

Londongirl said...

'And its true, as much as I complain about not riding well enough, not having the money to show alot, I am lucky to have my friends, to be ABLE to ride again, etc'
I'm so glad that I'm not alone. Despite derision from friends, family members who ask when I'm going to give up horses for boys (seeing as I'm 20 and in a relationship, I'd say not any time soon, thanks)and the general bemusement, I feel lucky that I'm so passionate about something. We have direction, even if it is towards finding that perfect lead change, or the perfect saddle. One of my daily jobs is to syringe an infected neck wound of a colt, and clean out the pus inside (sorry)
I've never been happier, so go figure.
I have a question, though.
I am riding a four year old filly who has 30 days on her. She has the unfortunate habit of mimicing whoever she hacks out with, and since the only things on the yard at the moment are babies/things in for re-training, she has picked up some habits. One of these is growing roots - strange for an arab, but there we go. She won't respond to endles 'bat-batting' with the legs. Won't respond to growling. If I hit her she either stands, or backs up. I have got off once to lead her, but am reluctant to do so again. If the other horse goes forward she will follow. I have not hacked her out alone yet. Ideas?

JackieB said...

Happy Anniversary Mugwump. Thank you so much for writing about horses. I found you a few months ago and look forward to each new post.

I've been horse crazy all my life and was lucky enough to have horses as a kid. Someday I hope to have a horse again. I think you are helping me learn to be a better horse person when that happy day arrives.

Tammy Vasa said...

Congrats on your 1 yr anniversary. I have read your blog for quite some time & when I first discovered it, read it from beginning to end. I could see the change in your "accent" after you got your new job and a new style of writing -- like trying on new clothes. And it all fits really well.

I understand the passion. Its been a slow, undiscovered burn for my entire life and has fiercely erupted the last decade. I'm having terrible growing pains, a lack of coordination, healthy fear and some unreasonable fears, as well. You blog has helped me to work thru some of the issues I struggle with and put others into perspective.

Thank you for giving me a place for both entertainment and education. It's been a fun ride!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your anniversary! And thank you for sharing your journey with all of us.

It's wonderful to have someone express so well so many things I've felt for so long.

And the training tips and stories are great, too :)

No matter what path you decide to follow, this blog has already been very special.

Esquared said...

Very good post mugs, can't believe it's been a whole year. This one really struck home with me as next year I'll be an entering freshman and I just got the bill for my expected expenses... ouch. Where I am in life right now I ride every day and I can't imagine that changing. However I really have no idea whether I'll ride at all next year (regularly that is)... Since I'm aiming for vet-med grades are a high priority and now I'm starting to wonder how on earth I'll afford a horse, suggestions?

AKPonyGirl said...

I've followed your post from early on. Some make me cry, some make me laugh. Every single one teaches me something. Thank you so much for sharing your gift and your passion.

OldMorgans said...

A year, huh? May there be many more to come.
Hear you on the passion. One reason I own a used bookstore instead of having a real job & making more money, is that I can set my own hours to have horse life beyond the store. And, being the owner, I selected the art work for the store. Oddly enough, the art work is all horses.
I plan on riding horses until the day I die.
Write on Mugwump, write on.

Unknown said...

Hit it right on the head there mugs.

Riding, cleaning stalls, training, giving carriage rides for weddings, showing. All a way to keep horses in my life. That is a fresh new perspective after a long winter off. I needed that.

and lmfao screenshot, your blog's word verification is trying to tell me something O_o!?

Whywudyabreedit said...

As Heidi said, Happy Blogiversary!

"Think if we filled up the studio on OPRAH she'd get us all the horse, the barn, the land, the understanding spouse, whatever it is we need?"

Hmm, no so sure about that, but I like the horse co-op/community idea. Unless of course you were hoping that we would each get our own individual spread...

It has been a pleasure following your horsey thoughts, ideas and musings over the last year. It has been good food for the soul. Thanks for doing it!

Joy said...

Happy anniversary! I'm so glad I found your blog. I check it every day (along with many others I'm sure). I love your way of writing and the information/instruction you write about. Plus your stories are all amazing. Today's entry was no exception.

I had to wait a long time before I finally had my very own horse. It was just something my parents would never allow me. I grew up in an extremely religious home. (Dad was a preacher.) I can honestly say I've never felt God or the presence of God in a church. I've felt like I was in the presence of the divine on the back of a horse though. Many times.

It must be something in the cells or blood of a horsai? I've always had it and would do whatever it takes to keep my horse(s).

HorseOfCourse said...

Happy anniversary, Mugs!
I am also very happy that I found your blog. Not only do you have a good mix of stories and training, you capture me in the way you write. I have always been a large consumer of books, and love a good story – and your writing has professional quality IMHO.

I started a blog myself by an accident. I found out that there was an option on my cell phone that could send a picture to a blog. As I have friends and family abroad, it seemed like a good way to keep them updated. And then a new world opened up.
I had to check other blogs (horse related of course…)
I found yours.
I enjoyed the discussions there so much that I started another blog in English.
And now, thanks to you Mugs, I have new friends in corners of the world far from me. I have enjoyed to hear about other ways of riding, and learnt new words in my horse vocabulary.
Now I am not only a horse addict, I've become a blog addict too, lol!
And it is all your fault.
Nice, huh?

Promise said...

Hey, Mugs, I don't know if Colorado is the same, but here in Florida, the Universities will allow you to audit classes for free. You get to sit in on them, take part in them (usually), the only thing is without financial aid, you would pay for whatever books. BUT, the books would be cheaper than enrolling for those classes. You could also see if you qualify for a Pell grant, which you wouldn't have to repay.

Heather A. said...

Oh wow, happy anniversary!!!

I have to say thanks for this post Mugs. It makes me feel better about myself.

I graduated 4 years ago (with honers) with a degree in illustration from a top art school. Have I done anything with it? No. I work almost 60 hours a week to pay the bills. I have a full time secreterial job, a part time carriage driving job, and I feed at my boarding stable. I could work half that amount and devote the rest to making a living as an artist... if I didn't have a horse. I am fully aware of what I could accomplish career wise (and what I could pay off) if I didn't devote so much time and money to horses. Horses have been a part of my life for as long as art has. I've always known I wanted to be an artist AND have horses. When I was little no one told me just how hard that would be. I've been stuck in a cycle of working jobs to "just get by" instead of devoting that time to art. Making a living as an illustrator takes a long time, is never consistent, and I need consistent income. After all that, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day to make money, ride and paint. It makes me so sad. :(

That and I never really figured out how to make it in freelance without an agent. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. I was considering going back and getting a masters degree, but then the economy tanked and I decided I'd rather wait. I loved carriage driving full time, but it was a night job. I never saw my husband and the income was horribly inconsistent. *sigh*

mugwump said...

heater - I'm warning you, my income has always been inconsistant. To get my start as an illustrator I did ANYTHING. I painted a sign for the Barber Shop next to the restaurant I worked at. I did the restaurants menus for free. I drew cartoon children's menus - for free. But they all went on my resume. I used my Artists Market and sent out 2 queries a week.
I painted pet portraits for bar customers - for $50 - $100. I blew a huge opportunity to intern for Hallmark.I interviewed, the art director told me to work more color into my portfolio, study a few Hallmark cards and make a few samples, then come back. For some reason I decided that meant he didn't want me and didn't pursue it. Oh well.
Anyway, I entered 4 pieces in a "new artist" contest for Walter Drake and won 1st, 3rd and tied myself for fourth.
I worked for them as a free lancer until they folded.
I got my first book through the Artist Market. I got paid 135.00 to illustrate, layout and design a children's book for the Council for Indian Education.It was incredible experience. That book got picked up by Robert's Rhinehart publishing and I made quite a bit more.
Then I was hired as a teacher at a cartooning school. I had to learn to cartoon, but hey, I'm adaptable. I started getting more jobs, not lots, but some. I never managed to get hired by Current, who was a big card company here. Not for lack of trying though. I interviewed twice a year come hell or high water. Came close a few times, but never quite got there. I did some work for Dave Cook publishing though.
Then I met the author of The Cul De Sac Kids book series and found out she was losiing her illustrator. By now I had a pretty solid resume and ended up getting the job to illustrate her series. I ended up doing 18 books for Bethany House and Beverly Lewis.
Then I started making more money training horses than drawing and got into reined cowhorse so I dumped it all and went all horsaii.
I am a bit of a rolling stone you guys. I am not a good influence.
Even now, I illustrate when I get the chance. I still get quite a bit of portrait work, (people and horses, a dog here and there)and am doing some spot illustrations for Laura Crums next book.

mocharocks said...

Ok Guys, you know how I got a little emotional in my first post? It's all making sense now, just found out I'm in foal! Damn hormones. Not that your writing isn't moving mugs! It was just out of character for me :)

Now I have to figure out how I'm going to fit a kid in with a full time job and a backyard barn full of animals. If only there were more hours in the day! The full time job might have to be optional, because the horses certainly aren't!

Laura Crum said...

Your blog has been so much fun for me, Janet. Thank you for writing it. And I look forward (very much) to seeing the drawings you come up with to illustrate my next mystery. (Currently being revised due to editorial pressure). Happy Birthday, mugwump chronicles!

gtyyup said...

Congratulations on your anniversary!! Cheers to another year!

As long as you keep blogging, we will keep reading and commenting!

No matter where I've lived or what I've done to make a living, it's always been to keep the horses. Training was ok, but never made enough money, and having the 9-5 job was ok because I earned plenty to do what I wanted...but hated it.

Being able to get back to my roots and live here on the farm we bought has been incredible...thanks to my dear parents RIP.

You just do what you have to do, and somehow it all comes out ok.

horsegenes said...

mugs said
My life hasn't taken me in any easy directions. I have struggled to pay my way my entire life.

My mom used to tell me (and trust me she had a tough road- more than most of us here could handle) "if it was easy it wouldn't be worth having". I think of those words everytime I think that life isn't taking the easiest path. Whether it be financial, personal, relationships, whatever..if it comes to easy sometimes we don't appreciate it enough. Not that when something great just lands in your lap it isn't an occasion to be busting out happy about it. Struggles help you recognize those times too.

I love your blog and am inspired everytime I read it. Keep it coming.

HorseOfCourse said...


mugwump said...

Mocharocks - You rock!It can be done. The trick is to not feel guilty if you can't pay attention to your horses for awhile. For me it was no time for the first year, part time the second, more the third and we were riding by the time kidlet turned four.
The baby needs you, the horses will be fine with each other...How exciting!

mocharocks said...

Thanks Horse of Course!

Mugs- thanks for that, that's what I needed to hear! I'm a little nervous about how I'm going to do it all. The nice thing is Mocha is the type of horse I can let sit for a long time, get back on her and she acts like I rode her yesterday. She really does rock!

Just like we've all been saying, if you want it bad enough, you make it work!

HorseOfCourse said...

Oh yes, it can be done!
I was fortunate enough to stay healthy all through the pregnancy, so I rode up to the very day when I had to go to hospital to give birth.
Took six weeks off so the pelvis would stabilise (doctor's orders), and then started riding again.
I believe it was a good way to give my dear a small push into having some time alone with the baby.
Our baby also slept in her wagon at the side of the arena or outside the stable.
In the summer when she was 6 months we even went to summer riding camp with my friends and our instructor. All of them were super kind and looked after my daughter when I was riding. Such nice memories...
Now she is 14,and a horsaii with a pony of her own. And we have had so much fun with the horses through the years.
I just wanted to say - it is possible!
And you know - even if it is hard to believe - children are even more fun than horses!

mocharocks said...

Yes, I'm definitely going to keep riding for now, mostly in the arena though, no crazy galloping trail rides :) The great part is my Ob/Gyn has horses too, so she is all for me continuing to ride as long as I don't do anything crazy. It helps that Mo is very trustworthy, a little hot, but I think she's only bucked once in the 4 years I've had her, it's just not her thing ;)

Fyyahchild said...

Happy Aniversary Mugs. I wanted to share a story with you.

I have loved three things my whole life: dancing, writing and horses. I am also one of those unlucky folk who are not necessarily talented when it comes to the things they love. I performed as a dancer for several years as a young adult and it was always difficult for me. I didn't learn coreography quickly like the other girls. I have written my whole life but rarely finishing anything and never shown my writing to many people.

Horses...I have dreamed of their soft coats and warm smell since before I was born. As a kid there wasn't anything I wanted more and when I finally had one I spent every waking moment with him that I wasn't in school. When I was lost horses were my guide back to a happy healthy life. I worked my butt off as a young single mother to be able to keep riding. Then I got married, had more kids, got distracted by keeping up with the Joneses. I sold my horse and bought a suburban home.

Then one night I was sitting and watching So You Think You Can Dance with tears pouring out of my eyes watching a young dancer with as much passion as I remember having for riding. That was when I realized how much it still meant. I knew I couldn't live without that kind of passion in my life. I realized it wasn't too late to start again. The next weekend I found a barn to work for board at, I found another horse. I made it work again like I did for so many years as a young single mother.

I'm back and happier than ever. My husband...wishes I was home to cook dinner more often. :) Whatever.

Fyyahchild said...

Oh, and BTW I managed to lose 20 pounds since the 1st! Maybe I'll be in half decent shape by the end of show season. :)

Also, I'm staying on my mare these days. Not one fall since I started riding her in a western saddle. Mostly she spooks less now that she knows I don't fall off everytime.

mugwump said...

Fyyahchild - What a great story. Your husband will be better for it, since you are happy. I'm one of those people who dance in my head. I can really dance in my, I'm Fred Astaire.And I'm so glad you're staying on!. It makes it a lot more fun, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

Congratulatons Mugs! I have been reading your blog for about 6 months and I love it. I envy your ability to follow your heart and jump in with both feet...

I am way to practical. I always wanted horses as a kid. I didn't get my own until I bought one myself as a collage graduation present to myself 10 years ago. I still have Lacy along with 2 other horses and three donkeys.

Mocharocks- congratulaions! My 6 month old is jumping away in his bouncer next to me right now. Everything will work out fine

Slippin said...

Congrats Mugs!
I look forward to you stories every time I see a new post.
I also like to draw, but the only thing I can draw is a horse...OF COURSE! What else is there to draw? I have a 3 year old neice that wants me to draw her dog, so I guess I should try to do that for her.
I work 2 jobs right now and one of them I could really do without emotionally. Talk about going back to high school...YUCK!! That place is so full of rumors and cheating and backstabbing. I try really hard to stay in my own little corner and do my own thing, but these people like to draw a name out of a hat and you are the SOB for the week, or however long they feel like picking on you. I HATE that job and want out so bad, but i have to keep it because I have a horse to support and cuttings that I want to go to!
A few years ago I was asked to work the practice pen at the NCHA futurity in Fort Worth. I was glad to because it paid $100 a day for 17 days. Some days were LONG and boring because I was at the outside round pen, so I sat in the little glass booth they put out there for me and drew. I drew several horses, one of my mare, a couple from ads in the NCHA Chatter. I had people comeing from all over to look at my charcol drawings. I was kind of shocked. One guy offered me $75for a charcol drawing of my mare...but when I met up with them to get a check, his wife liked it so much that she paid me $125..I was like WOW!! I sold 3 drawings in the last week I was there and they were drawings that took me about 2-3 hours to do. I still have people asking me if I still draw, but I haven't really been doing any of that for about a year now...I guess I should pick up the pencils again and get going.
Again, Happy Anniversary!

mugwump said...

Slippin - I would have loved that job.....

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Just coming out of lurkdom to say 'Congrats on your one Year of Blogging Anniversary".

Here's to many more!


Redsmom said...
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Good Hands said...

Also a writer, also driven by this passion stronger than myself (never heard it put like that before, rang a clear bell), trained for the same reasons, paid high prices and have reaped great but inner rewards . . .yeah, it's all about horses.

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