Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Stills

I have no idea what the rules are here. I realized I check gttyups (Life at the Rough String) blog every Sunday to see what beautiful pictures she has for the week. There was an invitation to join in. I happen to have some qualifiers, so I'm jumping in. I have little camera experience, but usually carry one with me because of my job with the paper.This is Annie walking out to rejoin the herd on one of her last good afternoons.

These are photos I took on a walk beautiful afternoon. These are taken from the ridge behind my house.


EveryoneThinksThey'reGoodDrivers said...

Great photos, where are you, CO?

wvfarmgirl said...

Wow! Beautiful pics of your "backyard"!

heater said...

Oh wow. Where I live it is very, very flat. It's pretty by the marshes and closer to the ocean. I'm so envious of your backyard!!! That is just astoundingly gorgeous.

Redsmom said...

I will add my, "Wow!" What a spectacular back yard you have! I gather Annie has passed on over the rainbow bridge?

Slippin, How was the cutting?

Matt and I practiced at the sand arena on SundayFunny, mhis best spin was the first one and his best stop was the first one, as if to say, "I don't need practice, maybe YOU do." After we worked for awhile I opened the arena gate -- he helped me by butting it open when he realized what I was doing, and we went around the park at a walk for awhile. It was a beautiful, if cold and blustery, day.

On Sunday, I figured out how to exercise your horse and wash dishes at the same time; put you "jockey" (kid) on board and watch out the window, shouting instructions that are mostly ignored.

Redsmom said...

I mean we practiced on Saturday -- stayed home and put kid on Sunday.

...Need. More. Coffee.

HorseOfCourse said...

How nice to see a bit of your surroundings, Mugs!
It seems as if your mountains are a bit tougher to climb than ours, lol!

Sydney said...

pretty. Is Annie still around? Old pic? We have flat land here. Like so flat you wouldn't believe it unless you seen it, flat.

Joy said...

What a view!! I've found a few blogs with lots of pictures, and some do the Sunday photos thing. One lady takes some of the most gorgeous photos I've seen. It doesn't hurt that she lives in New Mexico. She also does a skywatch thing; pics of the sky. Very dramatic.

kel said...

How beautiful. Lucky Girl.

gtyyup said...

That's a fantastic back yard!!! Totally beautiful. I'm glad you joined us for this week's Sunday Stills!

For anyone who's interested in participating in Sunday Stills, here's how it works...the blog is

Every Sunday, Ed announces what the photo challenge will be for the week. So all week you get to go out and find some shots on that subject. Then starting Saturday evening or Sunday morning, you post your photos on your blog. Then go to the Sunday Stills comments and post that you've put up your's fun and simple.

It's made me work on learning about my camera and photography in general. Everyone is welcome!

Ah yes, the challenge for this week: Animal Husbandry...should be right up our alley!!

mugwump said...

Everyone-Yes, I'm in CO. I actually live in the suburbs. My house is set in the ridge outside the park....I have to trailer my horses in to ride there.
Redsmom - I put Annie down in September.She was 32.
Gttyup - I'm on my way to Ed's blog.

Rising Rainbow said...

Great pics! The colors in your backyard are beautiful.

Patches said...

What beautiful landscape you have around you!

Glad you are joining in on the Sunday Stills fun! I joined a few weeks ago and have really been enjoying it! I had to go check it out after seeing gtyyup's pictures as well.

Laura Crum said...

I loved the photos of your backyard, Janet. I'm glad you're sharing. I just wish I could see it in real life.
I'd better get back to my horse colic surgery rehab patient needs his walk. This is the less fun part of owning horses....sigh.

autumnblaze said...

I could easily move to CO. Man, it's breath taking. Boy do I miss the mountains (VA mountains are nothing like that though).

I was going to ask how much snow you had - I knew that area had been hit pretty hard.

How'd I know you were in CO and some of these other guys didn't? You've mentioned that before right? I'm not a stalker... Yes, I remember now you did you mentioned Garden of the Gods in a Sonita post.

kaptkaos113 said...

you make me miss home!!!

Pony Girl said...

They are beautiful. I love the one of Annie's tail swishing out as she walks away. I've wanted to try Sunday Stills, maybe after I get my new camera! :)

Slippin said...

Hey, thanks for asking about the cutting! I didn't do great, but I am not too upset about it, because this is only my third time showing this horse. I can't expect us to hit it off right from the start...Although, that would be nice! LOL
I was happy about some of the ride. First off, I was very quiet in the herd and didn't panic(Alot of times I panic when the cattle start filtering around me and I start moving my hand left and right. But this time, I stayed quiet, my hand stayed low and I WAITED for it to happen and guess what??? I was left with ONE cow standing in the center of the pen looking at me! Perfect cut! My trainer was very happy with me on the 2 cuts that I made. The first cow that I cut was pretty good...He got some really nice moves in! The second cow moved one way, then the other and then it shot up the center of the pen towards the judges stand and for some reason my horse decided to follow it! I ended up pulling him in the ground and then schooled him the rest of the time.
I hear what you are saying about practice...I need to work on ME, so my trainer and I have decided that we need to go to a practice that is held about 40 miles from here every wednesday. I Know that I need to work because part of the problem on sunday was because I wasn't sitting on my pockets and allowing him to stop like I KNOW he can! I am more mad at myself because I KNOW better! It has just been close to 6 years since I have shown so I am very rusty with the show jitters!!
On the good side though, I did get quiet a few complements and I did get a really nice picture! I wish that I could post it so that everyone can see it! He is getting down in the dirt and sand is flying everywhere!

Slippin said...

Sorry, I forgot to say that your pictures are beautiful. I love the one of all the Rocks. Colorado is beautiful country...but Im sorry, for me its too cold! I am a whimp when it comes to cold weather!

Anonymous said...

Hey Mugs,
First of all: Great Blog! and Wow, how i would love to live in land like that and how i would love to have you as a mentor! I was wondering the other day, if a horse does a roll back to the left, is it supposed to take the left or right lead? This will probably sound stupid, but what does it actually feel like when a horse is properly collected?


Redsmom said...

Slippin, glad to hear it. Sounds like fun. I liked reading your description.

onetoomany said...

Totally wish that was my backyard. Very pretty photos Mugwump, they make me want to take another vacation out to CO.

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