Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hanging In There

My friend is still hanging on. After a successful emergency brain surgery, she has shown movement on both sides of her body. Sharion's eyes opened briefly, and she was tracking her husbands face during that time.
I get to visit her tonight. It's frightening, and exciting.
The hope is that she can hear us, and will know I am coming to be with her.
I am the master of idle chit chat, so I should be able to think of plenty to tell her.

One bright note. I went to work with a client yesterday. The plan was to work with her and Jerry, the mare I talked about a few posts back. Also, I was going to get her grand daughter working with Sissy, her OTTB mare. I put 90 days on Sissy last year.
I'm happy to say that Jerry is saddling without issue.
Sissy hasn't been ridden since last summer.
Last week I longed her, saddled her, and stood up and down in the stirrup a few times. I banged on her butt with my knee. She was fine.
The plan yesterday was to repeat the longing, saddling, and knee bumping, and maybe let the grandkid ride.
I forget sometimes that 14 year old girls who know they can ride, sometimes disagree with my plodding, methodical ways.
While I was helping Sharon wrestle with the complexities of the half pass, I asked the grand kid to saddle up Sissy, the OTTB.
We became preoccupied. OK, I was laughing at Sharon's leg. Every time she would try to bump Jerry with her left leg, her right would just twitch and bump all on it's own.
Jerry wasn't particularly inspired to do anything more than wander around with her head in a Parelli-esque flop to Sharon's knee. I found it highly amusing. Sharon was contemplating mowing me down with Jerry.
I'm not sure why she has a problem being mocked by the person she pays to help her. Touchy, touchy.
Anyway, the next thing I know, there goes Grand kid, riding by on the OTTB mare, with a smug grin on her face.
Sissy was happily, quietly, walking along the rail. Sometimes, things just work out. I'm going to hold on to that thought through the day.


  1. I'm thrilled to hear that your friend is doing better! Movement of any kind is a good sign for sure. I'll keep everyone in my thoughts and pray things continue to improve.

  2. Best wishes for your friend's recovery.

  3. So glad things are starting to look up a little.

    I hope your visit goes well.

  4. I am keeping your friend in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like the surgery went well.

    I hope you have a good visit tonight, she will be glad to have you there.

  5. Glad to hear Sharion's hanging in there, and I'm glad you get to visit! She WILL know you're there. I'll be sending you both strength!

  6. Again the wishes come from Kentucky for good fortune to rain on Sharion, her family and friends. The power of positive thinking can do wonders. I believe she will know your there and will be delighted to hear your stories.

    Yes, sometimes and more often than not things do just turn out. Sometimes it may take more time than we have attention span but it is worth the wait. Please hang on to that thought everyday not just today.

    When you have a min, check out another happy ending of sorts. Bringing Home Sammy

  7. My grandmother had brain surgery when I was eight. It's a hard thing to deal with, my family is still dealing with it, especially the recovery and aftermath, but its wonderful news that she's imroving! There's always hope.
    Best wishes!

  8. Hey Mugs, still sending Sharion postive thoughts and prayers from Saskatchewan.
    Brain injuries can take a very long time to heal. Be prepared to deal with after effects. Two good friends of mine have loved ones that had brain injuries. It can be tough on you and Sharion's family and other friends. Be there for each other as well as for her.

  9. fingers still crossed. Glad to hear that her family is getting some movement :)

  10. I'm adding my positive thoughts to the mix - I hope Sharion is doing better.