Friday, December 2, 2011

Good Morning! Or What I Learned at FHOTD

Whew. I am so glad to be home!

I missed you guys so much.

My stint in over at Styx...I mean FHOTD taught me a ton.

Some bad, some good, all of it a definite benefit for our blog, Mugwump Chronicles.

I've been immersed in the world of snark long enough I might as well purge myself and talk about the bad first thing.

Writing over there was a lot like herding ADD, rabid, feral cats. Trying to dodge all the infected claws made me start to want to bite back. I'm not that kind of writer, horseman or person.

I was continually amazed at how so many readers were intent on dissecting my presumed bias, my writing style, my lack of education (how the hell did they find out I never made it past the 2nd grade and the only training background I have is from Earl Bob's Fourth Generation Parreli Video School?).

It got to where I was throwing in a bone of contention just to see if anybody could read past it to find my real point.

Although it was amusing, at least to me, I was pretty disheartened to see how few actually figured out the direction of my posts.

My life training horses has changed me on every level. I became kinder, more thoughtful, more open to all aspects of life. I'm nice to dogs, kids and people with different perspectives.

I know many an old cowboy who can't spell worth a damn who can train circles around me and most of those who think they know horses. As you guys know, on this blog, I have always wanted to hear from everyone with a story to tell or some training advice and have never allowed any criticism of how they might string a sentence together.

Part of my reasoning goes back to my opinion that horse training isn't rocket science and the education needed to truly become Horsaii doesn't come from books. It has paid off and we've always gotten wonderful input over here from people from all walks of life.

The sheer anger emanating from so many of the posters really threw me. How can you be successful in centering yourself with your horse and not have it seep out to the other living, breathing beings around you? Serial killers start by burning ants with a magnifying glass and build from there. Just sayin'.

What did I like? The discussions in the comments. They would start by screaming and bashing and jumping up and down. Then a few people would start to defend me.

Then the personal,back and forth bashing would commence.

After the slap fest died down an actual conversation would begin. This is where I loved it. There were great ideas and thought provoking insights, there were people who began to look at different aspects of things and intelligent discussion.

That is the part I would like to see over here. I'd like to have more conversation with you guys, more arguments, more opinions. I don't see why we can't and still avoid the fisticuffs.

While Cathy was heading FHOTD I steered away from her subject matter, just as a courtesy. Now, I see no reason to hold back from expanding our horizons. The slaughter debate, bad training methods, current breeding practices, all of these things interest me and I'd like to be more pro-active in writing about them.

Being a typical Mugwump, I can't just come out throwing my opinions around. I'd rather do the research, present both sides and learn from you guys. So I'm looking into adding a current events page. We'll cover the good, the bad and the WTH? parts of the horse world.

It will be in addition to, not taking away from our old format. I have to admit, while it's kind of scary over there, those posters kept me on my toes. I think I was needing a kick in the butt and some new insight to keep the Chronicles fresh and exciting.

Also, I want to get the Equine Mind Meld up and running. We'll present a training question and get input from everybody, different approaches, different ways of untying the knot. This has been a personal pet project of mine for a long time and I'm ready to start playing with it.

Because I'm a complete computer boob, I'll be asking you for help on getting all this stuff set up, but I think it will be worth it.

There are some great people who read FHOTD. I hope some of them stop by and join in on our kinder, gentler sight.

I'm looking forward to a new site design, hopefully with easy to read and cruise additions. Any ideas on how we can expand and grow are welcome.

I can't tell you how nice it is to be able to barf on the keys again and tell you anything that comes to mind.


Anonymous said...

I began to read FHOTD again after you took over the reins and recently found the time to begin reading this blog. Yesterday during a break between classes I started reading this blog from the beginning. Three hours later I had read all the posts and comments of 2008. This blog feels like settling down with a good book and I hope that as I make my way into 2009 that it continues to be as fantastic.

mugwump said...

Why thank you!

Kel said...

I found this blog from following the link list on FHOTD and I'm glad I did. FHOTD feels more "torches and pitchforks" and this place is more "Plato's Cave". :)

As I like to say, the only day you should stop learning is the day you die. I get the thought from reading a lot of the comments at FHOTD that some folks are very rigid in their ideas of right and wrong -- there are no shades of grey, or multiple ways of going about things to get to the same ends. If anything, the difference between the Chronicles and FHOTD goes to show that. The distillation is the same (how to do best by horses both as individuals and as a species). Either way, I'm glad to see you back here -- I truly do love your stories and your insight.

laundryca67 said...

Morning, I have followed you to your blog because I like your style, your information and sense of humour. It truly was getting less and less about the horses on fhotd and more about bashing you. I dont understand these people. Anyway, you have a new reader in me and I am looking forward to learning lots from you and your crew here at mugwump. Btw, love the blog regarding your horse cutting the plastic bag. Good girl lol.

sheesh said...

Yay! You're back! Too many people at FHOTD are just looking for any little detail to jump on. Spelling? Who cares?! Lots of smart people can't spell, even with spell checker. Homonyms and homophones, ya know. I can't imagine that the anger that emanates from their keyboards doesn't reflect in other parts of their lives. Life is too short to be that disagreeable so much of the time.

Anyway, it will be way great to have discussions here!

smazourek said...

"The sheer anger emanating from so many of the posters really threw me. How can you be successful in centering yourself with your horse and not have it seep out to the other living, breathing beings around you?"

I am so with you on this. As I've become a better horse person the effects have leaked out to every aspect of my life. Because of my horses I am a better person to everyone.

Anonymous said...

I am glad you are here. I was enjoying your posts on FHOTD. I always enjoyed your posts here too and will stick with your blog. Your blog inspires me to be better with the horses I work with. I am a dressage rider and I often find more education here than I do at most clinics. Thank you.


nagonmom said...

sigh. Glad you are out of that snake pit. And I was rather bemused during one snarkfest over tack, when the critical comment maker added that she had never owned a horse or ridden much but blahblahblah. I realized then that possibly alot of these "experts" were passionate unschooled-by-life cortically challenged teenaged females. Impossible to tell. But not worth arguing with, as it accomplishes nothing until their brains mature. I prefer mature dialogue, with both sides explored.

DarcC said...

Mugwump, I think that sounds great! I agree with earlier commenters who concur that learning is lifelong.
This blog has helped my put a lot more mindfulness into my daily interactions with my horses, and I think they and I benefit from that.

Crazyhorsegurrl said...

Nagonmom, thank you for the laugh!

I'm really excited to see what kind of greater learning and discussion we can accomplish with the collective equine mind as this blog expands. Kudos to you Mugs! You are an inspiring writer with the ability to bring people together for the greater good.

ChickenLittle said...

Hi Mugwump! I really enjoyed your posts on Fugly and I'm sorry to see you go - I guess I'll just have to set up camp here instead!

mugwump said...

Justice for Speedy - All comments show immediately on this blog...if you want to talk privately email me at

If I delete I delete after the fact...

TBDancer said...

I remember some of the vicious attacks (almost always OT) on the old Fugly on Google, not aimed at FHOTD necessarily but at several of the posters. Cathy finally moved to a site where she could monitor comments first. I didn't recall many vitriolic posts after Cathy moved here or after you took over, but everything is relative and as you say, it's better to be out of a situation that drags you down.

redhorse said...


whoa girl, slow down, I had gotten used to a slower pace over here. I just came back today to read the Talley post for the second time before I commented (I like to make sure I understand before I start typing). And here you are with another post.

I was one of your defenders at FHOTD, partly because I was sick of one person assuming or misunderstanding your point, and then the rest of the angry mob would jump in and argue with you AS IF that was really your point of view. I also agree that some of them are so angry you wonder how they can be fair with a horse.

I'm glad you're back, gotta go catch up on my reading.

Breathe said...

I had to bail on FHOTD, even with you there, because I was having middle school flashbacks when I read the comments. Glad you are expanding your efforts here. You are a gifted writer and insightful teacher. And I do hope more conversation comes up here.

Funder said...

Glad you're back, Mugs. You're too nice for FHOTD - I don't mean that as a compliment or an insult, just a statement.

Saw your letter to Larry Trocha yesterday! :D

Anonymous said...

Glad your back Mugs! I have become a better horseperson simply from reading your blog and the comments that go along with it. I enjoy the insightful discussions and tips that are shared and I can appreciate the kind but straightforwardness that flows from the Chronicles. It was tedious to get to the "good stuff" amidst the war that was a given on FHOTD.

Cheers in Maine!

Val said...

I do not blame you at all for leaving. I read FHOTD for a little bit when you first started writing over there, but the commentary...I just think life is too short to read or participate in all those arguments. Some people make arguing a hobby, I guess.

I am looking forward to new things at your blog.

gtyyup said...

Val said it...Life's too short...

All of that anger is unhealthy for anyone.

So glad to have you back and I love the ideas you've come up with...let's saddle up 'n RIDE!!! errr...READ!! or both!

Anonymous said...

Mugs speaking of Larry Trocha what's your take on him I have always wondered. I looked for your letter on his site but couldn't find it. I have been reading his stuff for awhile and mostly dig the guy. Do you have any personal experience with him?

Just curious I have no motive.
His 911 post was a hoot but I have to wonder if it was somewhat fabricated for intertainment value?

Jessica M said...

Your last post struck a chord with me - the negativity thing mainly. My husband and I closed our horse trekking business last year for a similar reason. Over the years we had grown a lovely clientele of returning guests for our inn to inn style adventure rides. Our style of riding wasnt for everyone. We live in Italy, so a western saddle was best suited to the terrain, our horses were ridden loose, often with rope reins. Our horses did 3-5 hours 5 days a week and stayed sound - I have always tried to keep them ridden as natural as possible, though every week there would be someone wanting to do things 'their way' whether it be changing the saddle, ror arguing that they didnt want to ride out with only a snaffle bit and no martingale etc. It was frustrating to go through the explaining-often to people with experience that was limited to their riding school/horse in full livery that was never ridden outside the arena. Horses were often blamed for the riders pitfalls... There are a lot of know it all's in the horse world. We often had them put their money where their mouth is - the same people that knew everything at dinner, were actually terrified of riding faster than a trot, or felt that they were only in control hanging off a horses mouth. People that limit their horse knowledge to what they were taught at pony club, or worse, only what they read/are told... they fight opening their minds to different ideas, by telling people they are wrong, by blaming the horse, teacher etc. You got the brunt of those people; people that are too caught up in their own negative mindset to realise that what your writing was interesting whatever way they took it.
Anyway, Sorry for the novel here. I enjoy your blog and look forward to hearing more, plus your ideas are great. Will keep checking back!!

Anonymous said...

I started reading over here about two months before you took over at FHOTD, and I really appreciated what you had to say here and on FHOTD. I am a firm believer that you never stop learning, and even though we ride in very different styles I have gained a ton of insight from this blog. I appreciated learning a bit about the Western side of things, and I am sure my stuck up boss mare who is trained Western appreciates me knowing more about it too. ;)

I am happy to have you back here though. Although I appreciated your blogs over there, I will admit that FHOTD needs a writer who can get right into the thick of it and bring to the average horse person the info, and tools to protect their horses, others horses, and equine society in general. Without FHOTD I would not know nearly as much as I do about abuse, scams and countless other atrocities committed by people when it comes to animals. I probably wouldn’t have saved the horses I have, because I wouldn’t have known they needed saving if not for FHOTD. I really do hope that someone can take it over and keep that info coming. But I am so happy to see you back here, I missed the softer side of things.

onetoomany said...

Hey Mugwump, I don't comment too much but gotta say I'm glad that you'll be back here. I've followed this blog from the beginning (the only blog that I actually do follow) and it has definitely changed the way that I do things and made me think more about my approach to training. My horses have benefited greatly and would thank you if they could. While you were on Fugly (the only time I've ever really frequently read that blog) I thought there were some very valuable discussions. Too bad people couldn't see the direction/didn't want to go in the direction you were trying to take things. Good luck here and I can't wait to see more posts!

Whywudyabreedit said...

For a while it seemed like you were getting a change over there. Your style quickly began to affect a change in the approach of some of the commenters. It seemed to me anyway that your writing style was building a more collaborative spirit over on the Fugly side of things.

I can imagine that it would be difficult to put in the effort and energy to write posts for them, and then they just continue to “hit you with the crop” (or the over under). What the hell, why would you continue doing that?

I agree with all of the comments regarding that type of argumentative attitude and the effects that will be realized in a person's relationship with others.

Welcome home! It is good to have you back.

Anonymous said...

I read FHOTD, but your right the topics were getting rather sad. I mean the whole reason I began reading it was be cause it was FUGLY HORSE OF THE DAY, not guess who's starving or abusing horses today blog. I think I will read yours for awhile as I figured out while working for a trainer that I don't want to be that big if it meant I had to do what they were doing.

Andrea said...

I have always loved Mugwump Chronicles. And I have always hated FHOTD. Thank god you're home!

Tammy said...

I stopped reading FHOTD because of 1) the content just seemed to get meaner and meaner and 2) I couldn't learn anything from the commenters due to the reasons you stated here in your blog. I started reading it again when you started writing for it and while keeping on task of the theme of FHOTD, you brought class to it. It was interesting again. But then when I would delve into the comments, I realized a lot hadn't changed there. So I read what you wrote and skipped the comments... and kept checking back here for more of your stories to which I am a loyal fan.

I will enjoy seeing some of your opinion of the horse world sprinkled over here but certainly hope the "mean girls" don't take over the comment section! Yikes!

my bad said...

Welcome home! I'm glad we don't have to share you anymore. I like the content and comments here. I started reading Becky's & gttyup's blog because I saw them listed on your's. Both are excellent. Thanks for pointing me them out.

Keep on writing ladies. I check your blogs daily.

Becky is hillbillylarious! :D

Gttyup I live vicarisly through you. (sound it out)

scsarah said...

I still say some of the angry people on FHOTD don't even ride. I mean bitching about posts coming every few days instead of daily? Who has time if you have horses, kids, old parents, a job, a house, to read blogs DAILY?

And the speeling/grammer nazis....egad

And I like the slower pace here. Gives me time to digest what I have read. And reread it if I ain't getting it. I do not claim to be the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree.

Anyway, I have some training issues that I would like y'all's input on. So let me know when that is up and running! One of the issues being like the latest Tally story....kinda touchy with leg to far back, or a rider hunched over the front of the saddle.

Now I can enjoy reading comments again.....*sighs*.... THANK YOU Mugs!

Snipe said...

Glad to see you back here, Mugs. You wrote a good fugly blog, but I don't blame you for leaving the negativity behind. Throwing pearls before swine becomes pointless after a while, and you do truly have pearls of wisdom to share. I look forward to reading more of them on this blog.


paintarab said...

Hi Mugs! Do you have any suggestions on how to get a horse OUT of a trailer??? I friend of mine spent 2.5hrs today trying to get a horse OUT of a two horse straight load trailer. It isn’t a very inviting trailer, so she expected the loading to be a problem. But the horse actually loaded just fine after she looked things over. Then, when it was time to back out, she refused to step down out of the trailer. She would back up until her foot went over the edge then lunge forward again. My friend tried loading and unloading another horse next to her, coaxing, and every kind of pressure she could think of. The only way she finally got the horse out was by physically removing the divider so she could turn around and walk out. In the past this horse has only ever been hauled in a stock trailer, so she has always simply turned around and walked off the trailer. Clearly the problem is the backing up and stepping down part. At one point the horse became so worked up she was rocking the trailer by rearing and kicking. By the time she was finally off the horse was quite banged up. So, any thoughts on how to teach this to to back out of a trailer in less than 2.5hrs (preferably less than 2.5min)??

burdfour said...

May I join in the "welcome back" chorus? Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back. Since I love to ride and train my own horses, and do most of it by common sense and feeling my way forward (if this gets the response I want, I'll do it again, etc.) I LOVE having a place to read, think, and talk over training ideas. Thanks for deciding to center yourself HERE.

Funder said...

Hey, paintarab - my mare reluctantly loaded in a 2 straight, trailered poorly, then wouldn't unload for 2 hours. I also ended up pulling the divider and letting her turn around - I thought she was going to get stuck doing it but she did eventually get out.

The next time I loaded her, she put a foot in the manger and got it stuck. When I gave up on moving the foot and unclipped her head, she flipped over backwards, denting the door and strangling herself while I frantically tried to get it open. Be careful. It was terrifying. Some horses really can't handle little straight loads. I sold it and went trailerless for another year before I could afford a new slant - which she rides in just fine.

mugwump said...

Tammy- I have never had to moderate comments over here...but believe me, I will, if that's what it takes to keep the "mean girls" out.

Princessgirl said...

Paintarab, when I still had my mare I taught her to back politely out a a stock trailer by asking her to step in with just her fronts at first.
When she had that down pat, I kicked one of her backs so she would step it up, and then asked her to back up before she lifted the fourth hoof.
When she figured out that she could do that, I got her in all the way, and it worked.
I had about eight inches of step down. I think she thought it was a bottomless cliff, because when I led her out, she always tried to jump. Not Cute.

AareneX said...

Ahh, Mugs, I was so happy to see you at FHOTD, because I hoped that we were gonna get some stuff DONE...but I can't blame anybody for wanting to leave the snakepit.

And I'm glad you're back over here again! Do you think you could still talk about "fuglies", and what makes them conformational trainwrecks? I am trying to educate my eyes, and it's a slow slog. Hip angle? shoulder slope? It's all greek. Help?

Cowhorse Lover said...

Thank goodness you are back! This blog is my absolute favorite read on the net and I subscribe to over 350 blogs. This is by far and away the most entertaining and informative.

Reddunappy said...

I quit reading FHOTD because of all the snark and....well you know.
I dont follow it anymore, but I had been reading again since you started posting.
I do follow here though :o)

Chloe said...

Mugs, i love your writing, mainly because it sounds like your typing what im thinking. i like your style both here and on fugly, however i think fugly is a hot house for 'internet experts' and screamers. you know the kind with lots of education and opionion but a wee bit short on actual hours in the saddle.

your a wee bit to sane for that crowd.

anyway keep up your good work il keep reading what you write

Anonymous said...

Count me in as another long time reader happy to see you back!
I liked where you were trying to go with the fugly blog and think your idea of bringing some of the welfare topics and positive discussion here is a great one.

Omega said...

I'm looking forward to more discussion here. I loved fugly back in the day, when there were conformation posts and things to be learned. Then the nastiness took over. It just wasn't for me.

Happy to have you focused here. This is my favorite blog by a mile. And I'll tell you, it's becaused of the attitude. Opinions and approaches from all disciplines are welcome. There is always something to be learned. I've always picked my trainers and mentors by there willingness to try something new.

Barrelsaddle said...

Well I'm new here. I followed FHOTD for years and commented a few times, but had to really choose my words carefully and "tiptoe" around there so I wouldn't be attacked. Yet I still was briefly when I announced I was having to give up my horses and move to Hawaii to be with my Navy submariner husband. This is a story in itself which I will tell later, but the heartache of giving up my (and my kids'....they were avid 4hers) horses is undescribable. I'm a lifer for giving my animals homes so doing this tore me apart. I was able to keep my 2 cats and bring them with me (total of $1500 so imagine the cost of everything for a horse). So here I am in Hawaii, picking up the odd horse statue here and there and enjoying a new friend's two geldings occationally to get my horsie fix. I'll stick around and see if I fit in here. Aloha and Mahalo for giving me another blog to follow.

Barrelsaddle AKA 4HMom

Janice said...

Glad you're back. I used to read but not comment.I missed you on here, however I did like reading FHOTD when you were there....not a malicious place to be when you were writing. I believe your style is what they need to pursue over there.....but I'll take ya wherever you are.

HorsesAndTurbos said...

Happy Dance Mugs Is Back!

Yee Haa!


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to see you leave FHOTD, I really appreciated your more balanced, practical, approach. On the other hand, I'm glad to have found your blog.

Side note: I couldn't help but notice (especially in the comments on the post about PHH) that the very people who will flay someone alive for spelling and grammar erros, and point to those errors as proof the writer is an idiot, will completely overlook even the most egregious errors if they agree with the writer.

equestrian57 said...

I haven't posted on Fugly in a very long time. Just not interested in getting into the Sh*t and wallowing around in it with others.

I've never followed your blog before, but it looks really cool, and I'm following you now! Looking forward to a long and educational relationship!

pippacat said...

I actually started to enjoy fugly while you were writing. No stranger to being attacked and yes, guilty of retaliating myself but don't care for the mentality of what the readers there throw at or, worse yet, bring out in me. I was not familiar with you prior but am happy I got the opportunity to read your honest writings. Like you, I am no expert and would never claim to be and that is what I like about you. You clearly ride because you love it, discuss it because you can and even learn from others sometimes because you're open to it. Kudos to you. I look forward to enjoying your new (to me)/old blog.

MichelleL said...

I think the FHOTD blog can be realistically compared to a horse trainer that is out to Make a horse. Whereas this place is more interested in creating a partnership that includes listening and responding instead of yanking and cranking.

I am relieved to delete FHOTD from my Favorites and replace it with Mugwump Chronicles.

badpuddytat said...

As a long time reader of FHOTD, and with its ongoing metamorphasis, I want you to know that I will be tuning in to the mugwump chronicles from now on.
I know I will like it here.
Also, since you gave me first place for 'craziest thing you did on/with a horse' (Im the one who walked the spillway) well, I feel a sense loyalty to you! :)

foxtrotter said...

I said it on yesterdays post, but I'm so glad your back. I would read the FHOTD posts but not the comments. Then when you took over I started reading the comments. I just really couldn't believe how people refused to see what you were saying or maybe they just didn't "get" it and got defensive. Either way, I will stick with mugwumps and call it good.

I always learn new things reading your blog. I see the things you talk about in my horses and other horses at the barn. It helps me understand them better. I just wish I had seen this years ago when I had gotten my horse started. He wouldn't be the horse he is now, which would be a good thing. He's too old to try and change it and his personality just doesn't fit the change this late in the game.

burdfour said...

Well, you've saved my bacon (or at least my ego) yet again. I was re-reading the "colt starting" posts, and found the line about opening the door with your inside leg for the horse to come through. Went riding yesterday (on an older re-training project) and BAM! I suddenly have a horse who can make a U turn without stuttering. I had been trying to hold his shoulder up with my inside leg. I ALSO found that when I actively pull my inside leg off of the girth, it tips my outside seat bone (these WP horses seem to be outside-seat-bone turners) down, and I had been fighting to get consistent with that. Now to try it on the 2 year old. Thanks again....I LOVE the training discussions. Love the stories, too, but maybe on in caps ;).

Jill said...

I fifty-third the comments, I am glad you're back!

I have plenty of training questions to be banded about as well, when appropriate!

mysanity said...

I will still check in to FHOTD, it's like a snorting beast. Facsinating.

Looking forward to see where it goes from now on. Both there and here.

Glad you are back in the saddle here.

I've been trying to sign on without being anonymous, let's see if this works.

peg4x4 said...

I liked your stent at FHOTD,just found here. Like here much better.

mommyrides said...

Thanks Mugs for coming back home. We missed you and welcome you home.:D

luvredponies said...

I, for one, enjoyed your stint at FHOTD. I started reading that blog several years ago and sometimes I agreed with Kathy, and sometimes I completely disagreed, but at least it made me think. The comments, however, got to be very tiring, to the point I quit reading them. I don't know what is wrong with people and why they feel the need to be so hateful. After reading some of the comments, I see that I was not alone. This feels like a much better fit for me... A place to be entertained, or to think and learn and discuss, all done in a civilized manner. How refreshing.

luvredponies said...

If you are going to have a horsie-mind-meld here, I have a special needs colt that I am at my wits end with. I will be checking back regularly to throw my dilema into the ring and open it up for discusion.

1sthorse said...

Glad that you are going forward with Chronicles! I followed the link from FHOTD to this blog and loved your writing style immediately. Found FOHTD through Horse and Rider magazine and learned A LOT that a new horse owner without a clue needed to know. Will continue to check in at FOHTD but like your story telling style and the way you paint pictures with words over here.

Travel Truth 101 said...

Great to see you back here. I found you through fugly, but it was all getting a bit too much over there. Can I please make one request? If it's possible could you add a "follow by email" button to your blog? I already follow you, but often forget to go to the blog reader to see if anything new has been added. If it bumps into my inbox I won't miss a thing. Thanks in advance!

Sonya said...

I too am thankful I found your blog thru FHOTD. I never enjoied the personal insults and avoided getting involved in discussions. Loved the idea... hated the execution of it. Looking forward to learning from fellow horse people and being able to ask a question, stupid or not, without being stuck with a stick.

Chiron said...

You have something very special here. More and more are going to realize that.

Thank you for making the right decision!

Bif said...

Funny thing about Fugly. I first discovered that blog when it was truly about "How did they even create that?" conformational train wrecks. I found Mugwump and some other blogs, and really started to enjoy this new venue 9UM, THE INTERNET ;-) to share ideas with horse people.

Fugly turned ugly, and I would only check in from time to time, as the number and quality of the comments made it pointless.

I really enjoyed some of the training compare and contrast discussions we've had here.. I look forward to the mind meld (I have been silently stalking it as an anonymous follower, but it's not really ever run yet ;-) I hope to learn a lot from those types of posts, and perhaps give an insight or a technique that might help someone else down the road.

I do not like that you wrote on Fugly, if only because so many people followed you here. This is not intended as an insult to the newest readers, just a lament for the small, tight-knit group of readers that has existed at Mugwump for so long. Wading through 60+ comments for one post... and it's not a training discussion? Too many comments to do much besides skim =(

Hopefully it stays a refreshing place to seek new insights and read awesome stories.

As always Mugs, thanks for all the writing you do for us and for HORSE. It is much appreciated!

KD said...

I am so glad you're back! I went horse camping for the weekend and was so happy to find THREE posts to catch up on. I'm saving the Tally one for later.... :-)

Hope you won't have us create log ins and passwords to post over here when you decide a format ...I never posted over on FUGLY cuz I'd forget the dang secret password.

NBRockstar said...

I just had to leave a note to let you know that I found you because of FHOTD and I think that is the best thing that blog has ever done for me! I started reading it literally at its inception and became turned off over the years with the mob and their pitchforks. I would tune in once a week or so to skim and was delighted to see you there. Your writing is so refreshing! I am absolutely a fan!

Pipkin said...

I'm glad you are here, the Fugly blog is just too, too abusive.

I have to say that I really liked your piece on the homeless and animals. It's so true and I know my dog would be a better dog if I was with him 24/7.

Unknown said...

Finally ventured over to check out your blog. Have enjoyed fugly for quite some time but like this friendly discussions much more. I will be here and watching and learning!!

Todd said...

Count me in as another long time reader happy to see you back! I liked where you were trying to go with the fugly blog and think your idea of bringing some of the welfare topics and positive discussion here is a great one.

Anonymous said...

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